MI products illegal?
  • I was reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STM32#Discovery_boards about the different models of STM32 Discovery boards when I read this:

    “The following Discovery evaluation boards are sold by STMicroelectronics to provide a quick and easy way for engineers to evaluate their microcontroller chips. These kits are available from various distributors for less than US$20. The STMicroelectronics evaluation product licence agreement forbids their use in any production system or any product that is offered for sale.[61]”

    so I looked it up and found


    What are your thoughts on this?

  • What’s the problem? The MI aren’t built on the Discovery evaluation board.

  • Yes, I don’t understand the problem. Also, I think it’s odd to register on the MI forum and as a first post insinuate unfounded allegations against MI. Maybe that’s just me.

  • What the original issue is that some vendors ship a product with a daughter board plugged into a main PCB. That’s not to say these are eval boards anyway. The Intellijel shapeshifter has an FPGA daughter board.

    If you owned any MI modules (I doubt you do or you wouldn’t raise the issue) you’ll know they are very well designed, single PCB modules. Not an eval daughterboard in sight.

  • Braids:

    Eval board:

    Not much alike are they?

  • Sounds like a cheap trolling attempt to me…

  • Yeah, there was me thinking the modular community was different.

    Shows a real lack of respect for MI too, is it not enough that the designs and code are released open source after a while?

  • I don’t think I know of any modules that use a Discovery/Evaluation board.

    I know several that use Teensies, but I don’t think there’s any issue with that, legally, especially as they’re all DIY products.


  • Many modules are basically shields for Teensy or Arduino (or clones of these) boards. But yeah, I don’t think there’s an issue with that, even if it’s not a fully DIY product. You can make shields for these boards and sell them and you can resell the boards themselves.

  • > Yeah, there was me thinking the modular community was different.

    Well who says it’s somebody from the modular community… as far as we know it could be a spam bot :)

  • Guys, calm down. #1 internet rule: Don’t feed the troll.

    The MI forum is already known for its fanboy-ism. We are giving a good example here :-)

  • While the OP is wrong in his thinking, the latest MIDIbox Core uses an STM32F4 DISCO board. What do the rules actually mean? If I was to sell a PCB set and say “you may like to buy this dev board too” would that be okay? Does it mean that resale of completed units would be prohibited?

  • You are correct, I don’t own any MI,I was looking to trying to do the DIY, thus it seems it was my confusion, sorry, I am new to this eurorack and dev board modules thing.

  • Yes, as I mentioned, MIDIBox core uses one, but they’re not selling them in a commercial product.

    As for DIY MI stuff, it’s not to be discussed on here in terms of problems, support etc.

  • Is using FPGA daughter board less quality than the MI design?

    Tbh, DIY seems like too much headache, I’ll just have to save up to buy the full modules.

  • > Is using FPGA daughter board less quality than the MI design?

    It’s just not the same thing. At all.

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