3 Sidekick PCBs to let go
  • Hi there!

    I don´t know why but I still have three unused sidekick PCBs from the fugly yellow/red edition neverendingstory lying around. So please:

    Who wants one? I let them go for free if you send me 2 Euro postage. 1 PCB for 1 person if there is more than 1 interested. First come first serve.



    1200 x 1600 - 523K
  • I’m keen!

  • So you are 1 of 3

    I´ll start a group PM as soon as there are 3.

  • I would love to take one as well!

  • Hello : )
    i’am in too let me know.
    thanks for this !

  • So here we go! I´ll send you a message.

  • i need a filter board for this right? http://www.tubeohm.com/TubeOhm/SHOP.html

    cool. Daddy needs a new filter i guess!

  • So all boards arrived. Have fun!

    @oootini: If you know which filter you want/need I could check my pile of unfinished things. Perhaps I have something lying around…

  • I’ve not decided @loopino. was thinking polivoks maybe..?

    edit: polivoks won’t work without modification to the control pcb? i have no idea then…

  • I´ll check which boards I have lying around.

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