Superbooth - meet up?
  • Hey y’all!

    I’ll be at the superbooth on all three days and AFAIK there will be others from this forum as well.
    I’d be fun to get to know some of you guys in person – is anyone up for a meet up?

  • I’m there from Thursday through Saturday! I’m all in favour of a meetup! let’s define a time and place and then all wear silly hats so we recognize each other! :D

  • +1
    I’m there on Friday!

  • Hi! I’ll be there too, mostly on the 4ms booth. I’m all in for a meet up!

  • Olli is sick ?

    Olli.. bonne amélioration pour vous :) Rolf from DE-GENERATOR team

  • Okay, so it seems like friday would be best. It’s kind of hard to find a time-slot where there’s nothing cool to miss. I’d say 20°° would be a good spot – what do you think?
    Regarding the place: There is this one location that immediately comes to my mind ;-)

  • Sadly I won’t be going, and I have to skip MEFF too – even if I were in a better shape my doctor strongly advised against flying for a couple of weeks until my ear is fully drained.

    Have fun, and please post a pic of my “bhoot-booth” if they set up the system/banner I had sent. The 14-HP in the left corner are for an O_C.

  • All the best to you!

  • Too bad!!
    But keep an eye on your ears – they are important!
    Get well soon!

  • Get well soon Olivier! Your ears are dear to us.

  • Mutable table is still empty…

    3264 x 2448 - 858K
  • So the 21st, 8 pm @Mutable table? (sadly without the maestro)

  • I’m so sorry.
    I wanted to say personally, very vary big thanks for the great help on the last years for my project. Without his help, so we would not have gone that far… Geetings and the best healthiness :))

    First picture from Superbooth17 with DE-GENERATOR (red arrow). The man with long hair is Julian from Sonic Potions. Its a nice guy..

    1044 x 776 - 183K
  • 8pm today @ MI table works for me!

  • Cool.. you can make a pic of your hardware ?

  • New videos from Superbooth 17 in Berlin

    from MusoTalk in Berlin
    from Sonicstate

  • Is the booth still empty?

  • It was empty yesterday – I didn’t look today.

  • did any of you actually meet at SB? I was there looking out for you guys… but it seemed like nobody showed up.

  • I was there too, 8pm at the mutable booth. Colin Benders was rocking the doepfer booth nearby, so I had a fun wait :-)
    No one turned up until 8:20, but some random guy saw me waiting and invited me to join them in the auditorium where there was a talk going on.

    Sad to hear we missed each other. Given that the mutable table was empty – maybe we were waiting at different places?! I was sitting on the table that’s on the image from earlier in this thread.

  • Wow, total FAIL!

  • I guess so – no maestro, empty booth, no meetup – I guess we’ll simply do better next year :-)

  • So who was supposed to be staffing the MI booth? What happened to them? Its sad that MI wasn’t represented at all..

    Olivier, maybe try and get yourself over to the Brighton modular meet in the UK in July?! Its a 2 day event this year.

  • When I told the superbooth guys on tuesday that I wouldn’t be able to come, I asked them what would be the best course of action, and suggested the table could be used for showcasing DIY/open-source projects or by an association who’d like to reach out to the kind of crowd at superbooth. They insisted that it had to be a Mutable Instruments thing and asked me to send over stuff that they would set up. So I prepared a system and sent it over. They later changed their mind about it and the system is still somewhere packed in a box.

  • ^ That makes for sad reading : ( I hope you get your demo system back in good order at least.

    Anyway, do consider Brighton!? I’ll certainly be visiting. It would be cool to meet up after all these years.

    (I know it’s not quite Superbooth, but it’s still a great Modular fest)

  • I came around the meeting point because of this thread, at least I met mqtthiqs!

    So bad to hear what happened with the system / unused table.

  • Yeah, it’s a pity… really.
    Superbooth was really a mess sometimes, organization wise. They almost lost a box of t-shirts I had made for a client (but it fortunately turned out later), they first said that you had to buy an additional ticket for the afternoon if you only had the 1-day trade visitor ticket, but then it turned out you were allowed a all-day pass with the aforementioned ticket, so people basically bought tickets for nothing.
    They sold tickets for the evening programme, but there was nobody checking them, so most people I think got in for free, and those who paid felt a bit stupid…. etc. etc.
    It was still cool and I think a bit of chaos is necessary to avoid getting into the stiffness of most trade shows… where everything is over-organized. But still…

  • but yeah… really sad to have missed you people.

  • I also bought one of Special SOOrprise Ticket which I had no idea what it was for.

    I also found their website and navigation for information was quite messy and cumbersome.

  • I met Andreas Schneider last year before the 1st superbooth and as I know him since years he looked really overworked. He and his team is not the biggest and they all work super hard to get things done. There will be always some mistakes but hey – I think they did a great event for everybody. I hope I´ll have time to come next year…

  • @loowfizz: they did make a great even for everybody, that’s for sure! I enjoyed it last year, and I enjoyed it this year as well. But I think there is some room for improvement on the organization side, and I hope they work on that for 2018, because the risk is that it will spoil the fun a bit. Especially if it becomes even bigger next year.

  • Pichenettes wrote: Have fun, and please post a pic of my “bhoot-booth” if they set up the system/banner I had sent.

    1067 x 650 - 84K
  • From what I’ve read, they like variety, hence why they keep changing the venue. If you use the same venue every time then you don’t need to keep measuring up doorways and doing the research on logistics.

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