FS: Anushri, Preen FM 2, Reon Drifbox, Dynacord BBD and effects units, etc.
  • Selling a bunch of stuff. If you’re not in US, we can figure out shipping costs. Email me for pics.

    ANUSHRI, built by Michigan Synth works, grey translucent plexi case, comes with modular faceplate and conversion kit (can separate that off it someone wants), $380 for synth, extra 50 for modular conversion kit, 30 for shipping in US.

    PREEN FM 2, built by Michigan Synth works, $320. Not sure I want to sell this. $30 shipping in US.

    REON Driftbox R Synth: $340: If you like insane industrial noises but made by an analog synth, this is the synth. It is also good at warm analog leads and snappy bass lines, but where it really excels is at creating insane sonic chaos, an unknown gem of a synth. VCO, through hole circuitry, SSM filter, sounds like the real deal. Crazy modulation options, more types of simultaneous FM than it knows what to do with, and crazy range on the oscillators. Does not have midi, only CV, so you’ll need a device that speaks CV to integrate with Midi equip. Comes with power supply. $30 shipping in US.

    DYNACORD VRS-23, BBD Delay and Stereo BBD Reverb (!) effect. Rare and strange. $380, 40 shipping in US.

    YAMAHA E1010 Rackmount Delay unit $380: One of the classic Bucket Brigade Delay units, known for its polished yet still gorgeousl warm sound and great flexibility, one of the best BBD units ever made. Can do delay, slapback, chorus, and some flange, and like a tape echo, you can mess with the delay time in realtime and sound like Radiohead. But beyond a tape echo, you can also modulate the delay times. This is a British voltage unit, 220v, requires a $35 currency transformer to use in the US, that’s not included with price. $40 shipping in US.

    IBANEZ HD1000 low-fi digital delay and pitchshifter $120: Classic, warm early digital delays for days, glitchy pitch shifting, grainy and wonderful little box, full of character that just works, this unit is for regular US voltages. $25 shipping in US.

    ELECTRO HARMONIX Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger $120: Classic analog flanger, this unit is early 2000’s reissue. Comes with power supply. $15 shipping in US.

    MOOG MF-Tremolo pedal $120: Analog tremolo. 9v power supply not included, but works with 9v battery. $12 shipping in US.

    Also have a Korg SQ-1, Korg 707 FM Synths.

    I’m Chris, located in NY, USA, local pickup works, cash or paypal. Email me directly at chris962x@gmail.com. Will ship further than US, but it may cost a little more.

  • Open to reasonable offers. Email directly at chris962x@gmail.com.

    Now also selling:

    IBANEZ AD202 BBD Warm Vintage Rack Delay Unit, does Stereo Chorus, Flange, Doubling, Delay, with modulation controls on all settings. A little darker/warmer than E1010. $350, 30 Shipping in US.

    (a little low-fi for studio synth use, but amazing for synths/modular live. All require standard 9v pedal power supply which is not included.):

    Earthquaker Devices Transmisser
    Ambient Modulated Reverb w/Cool Warp and Resonant Filter controls w/expression pedal jack: $175, 15 shipping.

    OBNE Procession Modulated Reverb with Flange, Filter, Tremolo Modes: $150, 15 shipping.

    OBNE Dark Star Strange ‘Pad’ Reverb w/ Pitch, Bit Crush, Delay modes, w/expression pedal jack: $175, 15 shipping.

    Mr. Black Supermoon Chrome Hi-Fi Modulated Reverb: $150, 15 shipping.