• this Synth wants to get played properly, but as I understand absolutely nothing about playing keyboard, I better want to have this beauty babe with lots of character in the hands of someone who can play!
    Actually wanted 850 Euro, but as I found that tiny tiny scratch on the bottom right of the encoder on the right of the display, you get discount of 50 Euro ;-)
    shipping within Europe plus paypal fees inclusive

  • ships from where?

  • germany

  • ...I think, I can’t sell it…. played again….. sounds sooooooooo good…..

  • keep it and sell it the summer in me when i got money ;)

  • it will hurt and I will regret it, but finally I think, I let it got

    (6 voice unison bass sounds are soo …....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr woooooohaw!)

  • These knobs are on point. Would you care to divulge their source?

  • of course!

  • Bump. Closest I can get to this for now is playing raw Ambika oscillators through Ladder Shruthi-1 :)

  • would buy. so what now?

  • ok, let’s do it!

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