• tdel1295
    Hi -- How much for yellow case?
    April 2017
  • tdel1295
    Hi, do you have any shruthi acrylic cases? I am looking for the yellow magic special edition case, or an original 4PM clear case, for my yellow magic shruthi. Thanks!
    March 2017
  • waldshrut
    Hi Andre’ , sag mal welchen Filter Typ muss ich denn in der Shruthi Firmware 1.02 für Dein Ladder-Filter einstellen? LPF? Gruß, Sebastian
    January 2016
  • herrprof
    I may be interested in the prebuilt shruthi xt board, what would be the price shipped to the usa?
    June 2015
  • moglione
    Hi, i'm interested in shutri xt...are They available? Thank you Ale
    June 2015
  • BennelongBicyclist
    Andre, knowing your affection for both diode and transistor ladder filters, you might be interested in "this": if you haven't already seen it.
    March 2014
  • Denis
    Hi André, Your ladder filter for Shruthi seems impressive and I consider to buy on debut marsh but I have to know something: the shipping price for Canada seems to be around 16 euro, but that's not a problem, what I want to know is, it is consider express shipping? Cause express shipping is very expensive for us when it reach customs, for example, a Shruthi cost me 60$CAD more than ordinary shipping. Excuse my poor English thanks in advance :)
    February 2014
  • electrocreative
    Greetings, Andre. Wondering if you currently have any Ladder Filter + Rare Parts kits available and ready to ship? I’m interested in buying a couple from you, curious what the lead time is. Thanks much! -Scott
    September 2013
  • youkon
    hallo Andre. Möchte gerne 6 Ambika Voicecards als komplette Kits bei dir ordern. Kann ich Dir das Geld auch normal überweisen? wär für mich grad einfacher als Paypal. Schöner Gruss aus Stuttgart, Julian
    July 2013

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