• pabloelectrobar
    thx for the time you spent with that video, now, before i make a deal with you, it would just be rad to actually hear a patch that lets me hear the voices, f.e. a struck chord in a rhodes patch. maybe better quality :) man, i ma a soundguy and you send me this 2006-quality video :) Really thanks for the try, but i m really on a tight budget and can´t afford another bad purchase this year for my love of humanity. as such, do me a favor and add me on skype at delegoano.home and lets do a short conversation and let me double check. also, since i live in vienna there are two options for me, pickup myself, which i could arrange with a berlin visit within the next month or "per nachnahme", i will forward you the cost of the package in case anything happens so you don´t stay sitting on any costs and you send me the box as soon as we come to an agreement! and i am interested. because as far as the video lets me judge: YES, it has electricity, there is a patch with my name already on it
    August 2016

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