• RhythmDroid
    Hi Lamouette - my name is Devon. I'm in Los Angeles, CA. Been doing hardware electronic for almost 20 years. I created a very cool, compact little Eurorack instrument involving: Braids, Buff Mult, Flame C-3 Knob Recorder, Z4000 VC Envelope, Doepfer Dual VCA, TipTop power. Here's some pics, with slightly different module setup than the finalized version. Locking lid can be removed entirely! Wanna trade it for your Shruthi XT?
    December 2016
  • Lamouette_rck
    Lamouette_rck changed his profile picture.
    December 2015
  • youkon
    Hey Lamourette. I just read the diy case/power thread. How did you finally go with your system? I have 3 x 200 HP, tried with 3 x Row Power 40. But this turned out to be a nightmare! So, I'm interested in your results! cheers from Germany, Julian
    February 2015
  • lineofcontrol
    Allo allo!!! Greetings from Toronto- I know you have the red midiBUD for sale... how much shipped to To please and thanks... Do you have anything else? Any Shruti's or anything else?
    January 2015
  • piscione
    I was wondering if you would consider adding one more of Frank's busboards to your order. I only need 1 but Frank usually does not want to go through the hassle of shipping 1 internationally. I will pay for some of the shipping from Frank and for you to ship it to me in Mississauga (Toronto). I noticed you ordered 8 so far, you must be planning a huge system. I'm using 4, with 4 rows of 126hp and am not even close to using all of the available connectors.
    November 2014
  • LePyongDeYang
    Hye, I'd like to make you a trade offer for your LXR. I've got a Roland TR8. Really a good machine, but I'd really like to put my hands on a LXR, so ... I'm in France, but I can ship the machine in Canada. Please tell me if you're interested. Thanks in advance. Cheers. Damien. PS : Do you have the case for your LXR ? PS2 : If you speak french ... tu peux me répondre en français ;-)
    September 2014

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