• davegamble
    Hi Adrian! Please can I buy one of your metal Ambika cases? Not fussy about colour, have seen one in the flesh and they're beautiful! :)
    April 2017
  • Sirc
    Hi Adrian, I have Anushri on its way but I am looking for a new case. Its an original build in the translucent case with rectangular buttons. I believe you are the person to talk to about this. Thanks
    March 2017
  • Quailquillz
    Hi Adrian. I am interested in 2 Shruthi XT cases with wood sides. Not sure which color. Can you let me know what the cost would be? Thanks.
    February 2017
  • mongrol
    Hi Adrian, Before I embark on Ambika case design, how much are your metal ones?
    January 2017
  • Still_Sick
    Hey Adrian. If you're still having them made, can you put me down for a black ambika metal enclosure with angled wood sides? My email is Thanks!
    November 2016
  • DipterePow
    Hi Adrian. I would be interested by an XT Black wooden case. Here is my E-Mail: Thanks a lot!
    November 2016
  • secrethero303
    Adrian, I"m interested in 2 Shruthi cases. Are the XT ones the only ones available or do you have the regular metal cases as well? Send me an email at john.lamberta at
    October 2016
  • Moosgummi
    Is there a definite price for this? I´m interested in a black case shipped to Germany, wood depending on the moneys... My mail is terhaerst at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
    September 2016
  • batudal
    Hi Adrian, i am really intersting with your shruthi case. Is it possible to have a black one? You can find me here :
    September 2016
  • Mattem
    Hey Adrian, Glad you're still keeping the Ambika alive... Are you still taking orders for cases? I'd love to buy one from you have the stock. Many thanks Matt
    September 2016
  • lemmings
    Hey Adrian, how much for a metal Anushri case? Also when would they be available? Thanks! You can email me at
    July 2016
  • mike-labo
    As discussed on the forum, please send me an email to mike.labo at when you are ready with the Anushri metal cases. Regards.
    June 2016
  • lazenbleep
    Ho Adrian, interested in an Anushri case, what's the price to the uk please. Cheers, ben Lazenbleep at
    June 2016
  • axis69
    Hi Adrian, send u an email about a black case. best regards, alban
    May 2016
  • audiohawk
    Hi Adrian, Sorry to bother you again! Wrote you an email a few days ago and posted my interest on the Shruthi XT case thread. I'm I too late to ask for 2 cases? 1 white, 1 black no wood. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you for your work. Best regards, Francisco
    October 2015
  • jamey777
    Hi looking for a metal shruthi case, please PM me on availability of colors and options. Thanks!
    September 2015
  • heniek
    Hi . I am looking for metal cases for shruthi . Have you got some in stock now? My email:
    July 2015
  • tonespore
    Hi Adrian, please contact me with the info if there are still some shruthi metal enclosures. I would like two. Best, Graeme
    July 2015
  • Buddha
    Hey Adrian, i´m interested in a matel case for the Shruthi XT. Color - white Wood - no Quantity - 1 Email:
    July 2015
  • clemdu
    Hello ! I know I'm quite late for the party, I'd be in for a white Shruthi XT metal case, with the wooden cheeks... if that is still possible of course ! You can find me here: Thanks for your work ! Clem
    July 2015
  • Bear00
    Hi I'm after a XT metal case if they're still available thanks
    June 2015
  • moglione
    Hi adrian,i need Two metal enclosure for shutri....are They available? Thanks you Ale
    June 2015
  • Nigel99
    Hi Adrian, If I still have time to add 1 x XT metal case in white with tilted wood ends please add me to the order. I sent you an email also. I have a pre-built kit XT could you confirm that it will drop straight in with existing hardware? Regards, Nigel
    May 2015
  • mmarsh
    Sorry Adrian, didn't read the whole thread! Color: White Wood: Yes Qty: 1 email: michael (period) marsh (at) mac (dot) com
    April 2015
  • mmarsh
    Hi Adrian - I would be interested in a metal case for the Shruthi XL. Thanks, Mike
    April 2015
  • gianni
    Hi Adrian, I'm really interested in the blue ambika case you posted this morning. If it's still there I would take it! If not I would also take the white one.
    January 2015
  • Buddha
    Hey Adrian, i´m interested in one non tilted Ambika Case In black with a hole for the Volume Poti. Do you have one piece in Stock for me? best regards Buddha
    January 2015
  • ericneu7
    hello adrian.. Do you still have any anushri case left? id like to order one
    January 2015
  • bjoern
    Hi Adrian, I am thinking of building a "proper" case for my Shruthi Bass Pedal. I have two of your cases (Ambika and Shruthi) and they are very nice. Can you share where you had them made? Thank you! Regards Björn
    November 2014
    Hi Adrian do you have any cases for the euro rack version of Anushri left?
    October 2014
  • MarcMooga
    Hi Adrian! Do you still have a black ambika case? If not please include me for the next run!
    October 2014
    • MarcMooga
      A white one is ok too
      October 2014
  • ilpitu
    Hi Adrian,are interested in a white case x ambika you still have one available for me? Thanks so much!
    October 2014
  • Beatfreq
    Hi Adrian I am ready to pay for the anushri case now if you have one for me Many thanks
    September 2014
  • ronaldroy
    Hi Adrian - what comes with your Aushri case? I'm not totally sure if it's what I need but suspect it will suit. I have a Eurorack Anushri that hasn't had it's power converted. If it converts my Euro into a stand alone I'd take one ... that is if there are any still available. What's the postage to Australia btw? Thanks, Andrew
    September 2014
  • Cbass06
    Hello Adrian i'm interrested by your Anushri case , do you have one for me ? Beautifull work Cheers Sébastien
    September 2014
  • Nigel99
    Hi Adrian, I love your latest ambika case design. If you have one available in white please let me know. Cheers, Nigel
    September 2014
    Hi Adrian, Do you have any ambika case left ? I could be interested … Need to put something like this next to my Adrian Metal Case Shruthi-1 ;)
    June 2014
  • Rager
    Hey there. Are you still making the Shruthi case with the wood end panels?
    May 2014
    Hi Adrian - I would love to get one of your fantastic Ambika cases. "Black, Tilted, Rear" - if I have a choice. Otherwise, perhaps you can let me know what's available and for how much. Thanks!!
    May 2014
  • Maralc
    Hi Adrian, Do you still have the white ambika case? Cheers, Marcelo
    March 2014
  • Belbo
    Hi Adrian, I am interested to purchase an Ambika metal case. Please let me know what i got to do. Thanks in advance
    January 2014
  • undothis
    Please put me down for the Ambika black metal case. Thank you!! O
    January 2014
  • crc
    Interested in a black Ambika case. Still available?
    November 2013
  • dmkbox
    Hi. How cost Your case for Ambika? Dmitriy
    November 2013
  • Dogma
    Hey Adrian - Im looking for a couple of cases/ 1 ambika case - first off. Whats the cost please?
    October 2013
  • eelco
    Hi Adrian, great to hear you have some white Shruthi cases left. I got a yellow one a few months ago, and now would like to get a white one as well ... Will you send me a Paypal invoice again ? Best wishes, Eelco
    October 2013
  • neilbaldwin
    Hi Adrian, I'd like to order a metal Ambika case (black) with sloped sides and volume pot hole drilled in the same place as it is on the plexiglass original (on the front). Could I ask what you get included with the case: do you get the LCD 'spacer' and does your case use all the same board standoffs/spacers as the original case? Cheers, Neil
    September 2013
  • brother303
    Please put me down for a black Shruti case if it comes to a second run. Thanks lot and best regards Greg
    June 2013
  • Huanah
    I am Interessed in a Black One - is it expandable with the Programmer?
    May 2013
  • Adrian
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