The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread
  • In this Thread you can post about your Favourite Knobs. Please include a Pic, which type it is (D-Shaft with Orientation of the Mark / Knurled / with Screw, Diameter etc…) and where you got it.

    Also, if you made bad experiences please tell us about it but please put a WARNING SIGN on your Post ;-)

  • Classic Moog-Style Bakelite Knob with Aluminium Insert, 21mm diameter at the Base, 6mm Axis with a Screw, fits on all Shruthi Related Pots.
    Drawback: if you mount the Pot on the Panel you may have to cut the Axis as the Knobs are a bit Flat.

    Get it here

  • Got it off a bulk order at MIDIbox, came from the american distie Selco.
    These are SIFAM 4/04/DR 110 006

    D-shaft. Indicator line opposite of the rounded part ( south north orientation).

    Re’an P400 – left above. Got mine both for T18 and D-shaft from Mouser when they had them. Alas, no more! Also got some sans indicator line for encoders (P401) in case I want a Sammich-stylee Shruthi-1.

    Albs DK16-190V3. Got mine off bulk orders at MIDIbox as well as directly from Albs Germany. D-shaft lovely pointerless for encoder use.

    As you can see the transparent ones can be made into pure porn…

  • nice! spent ages recently looking for a nice set of “no indicator” knobs for rotary encoders. this was the best i could come up with:

    basically, the knobs from a machinedrum.

    not cheap (€29 for 9), but real nice. standard d-shaft.

  • Used these for my Programmer. Decided to keep the same style knob as the classic shruthi.

    16mm, knurled, bigass pointer


  • This space is intentionally left Blank (removed double posted Pic)

  • thanks fcd. fixed wile you fixed. space folded & world devoured in a black hole centralized on the Shruthi forum.

    PS Jojjelito: I absolutely adore your porn! Those are definitely going in my next build (whatever that may be)

  • ok, I must know, where does one get those backlit pots?

  • If you have the Knobs i have the Frontplate

  • lovely i have those knobs! Neuropa case & Albs knobs <3

  • fcd it will never end!

    I will keep this in mind if I decide to build the polivoks. That would look pretty kickass in red.

  • Re’an Flexifit, got them via Conrad. Fits D-shaft and 6mm via an adapted. Very good grip and feel, comes in two sizes and red, blue or greyish colors, always with a with marking.

  • Anyone got any linkage to some other no-line knobs for led/clear shaft encoders? Very little in the way of choice out there it seems. There are some clear knobs on adafruit but they are fugly…

  • How do the backlit knobs work? Do you need an extra LED? Do they contain an LED? Is there extra load on the Shruthi?

  • Speaking of which, I’ve seen clear shaft pots and encoders. Taiwan Alpha series RV09 can be had with clear shafts, place a SMD LED under the pot for the ultimate pimp factor. D-shaft, T-18 and 40 teeth is available. Wonder if anybody stocks these or if we should gang up? Mouser only have their 14mm clear shaft pots, plus illuminated slide pots as far as I could quickly see.

    Alpha Products Inc (USA) has 12mm D-shaft pots with integrated LEDs (3RP/120LN) and 12mm encoders with both D-shaft and knurled w/ integrated LEDs (3EN/122LN-D/K single LED /LS-D/K dual LED).

    Bourns has the PEL12-series 12mm encoders with 1,2 or 3 LED colors… Most are found at Digi-key, some at Mouser.

    At least I know how I could pimp out my own control panels :) Now, add some LED rings and OLEDs and we’re good to go.

  • Oh, the backlit knob porn pic above (also with a color-filtered VFD) is from my friend Hawkeye over at the MIDIbox forum. Mine is green, but my troubles with my green 4x20 OLED plus my need for a proper power supply and my backlog makes mine sit and wait for now… Thus no porn pic. Altitude has posted some really groovy pics of this though… Search :)

    The idea is that the knobs are partly transparent and we jig up a small LED ring with 3 LEDs around the pot/encoder. This means an extra load of some tens of mA from the positive rail.
    Non-transparent knobs can have this cool aura between the knob and the panel if there’s some light leakage around the shaft (wait a minute, did that last part come out right?)

  • My version works with simple 3mm LEDs round the axis, the only problem is you need a Laser to cut the holes ;-)

    No fancy Pots, no complicated to solder SMT LED Rings…. just 3 3mm LEDs

  • $0.50 KNOB13, $0.35 KNOB8, $0.25 KNOB39 from futurlec and two from local dealer, also aviabe @ ebay

  • and $0.25 TACTWHT switch cap from futurlec – good for smth like this:

    just print labels on transparent film and insert into it

    (Also you can see the dull grayish-blue d-shaft knobs, only aviable here. ...dream of Re’an P401 =))

  • Modified for d-shft KNOB39 – mark painted with black permanent marker, knurled liner removed and shaft expanded with heat shrink tubing.
    Caps – futulec TACTBL wihout transparent cap (only aviable rectangular caps)

  • I’ll post some pics when I get it built, but I’ve had good sucess with the knobs I posted previously and glueing a washer underneath for leds to shine through.. Very professional lookin led ring on the cheap!

  • @oootini: POIDH! ;)

    That got me thinking: Saw off a bit of a round plexiglas staff, paint various bits in black and tool out a cavity for the shaft!

    Spiral pattern, lit pointer, biohazard symbol on top? Lots of work, but could be cool…

  • @jojjelito
    If you can live with 2mm you don’t need to saw….

  • woah. two pages and not a single dick joke yet?!

  • Erm, was thinking about getting pink soft-touch knobs sans indicators (insert joke about nipple play) but it was deemed too distracting.

  • @jojjelitp
    Are they Soft-Touch?

    Very week attempt to derail but thanks for reminding us of our real designation ;-)

  • @fcd72: They’re only soft touch at first. Weird…

  • @ootini

    yes! very much better!!!!

  • ....a little risqué....trying not to derail…..the best album cover ever?

  • hmm. on the fence… :)

  • Yeah, thankfully music and album covers have come a long way since disco! :)

    In a desperate attempt to save face and get back on topic; My favourite knobs are the Waldorf ones, though I kind of wish the coloured bits were soft-touch.

    I also have this link for OKW in my bookmark toolbar that I saved ages ago which I keep clicking inadvertently every now and then. Most of the better looking knobs that they manufacture seem to be collet fitting and not push-on d-shaft :( however, you can buy most of the knobs directly in denominations of 10 and they also have some interesting enclosures.

  • Men, this thread is very usefull to me. I like also the essential "the harvestman modular" knobs. Very good rubber feeling. Do you know where to find?
    @toadstool. I like waldorf type, where to find?
  • my Waldorf knobs came from a bulk order organised on the Midibox forums. You could try arranging another bulk order or asking one of the participants if they have some available if you only need a few.
    albs are the company that sell them (DK16-190V3), though you may have problems ordering directly from them unless you want to bulk buy hundreds. jojjellito may have a better idea what it is like to buy directly from them. Any hints @jojjellito?

  • Well, there I was. What’s a boy to do? She came on to me, crying, with her undies in her hand… Hey! Stop daydreaming! It Saturday, but better keep it real for the kids…
    The transparent ones and the reds were out at the time so I decided to get a decent amount…

    I just e-mailed Albs stating I wanted 100 gray and 100 white ones. Albs came back with a quote to me, I mailed my CC (VISA) details and… I ended up paying less per knob than most MIDIbox bulk orders, but this was in 2008 when the sun and the earth were new and fresh.

    There are peeps talking about a bulk over at MIDIbox, but I think it would be best if someone living in Germany could step up and handle the thing (it’s a lot of work and beatches peeps better pay up stat). If I ordered the thing to Sweden we’d end up paying massive postage for the bulk to reach me, then heaps moar as I suspect most people wanting this are either Stateside, in the UK, Germany or France or…

  • By the looks of their catalogue, I think that Mony Industrial in Taiwan seem to make new knobs that are very similar to the soon disapperearing Re’An P300 and P670 series. The Re’an P670 has the same measurements as the official Davies Moulding (Mouser)/Multicomp(Farnell) knobs, but are for T18 shafts if you get them from Rapid in the UK. Just made some lifetime buys of 100 of each color of the P300 and the P670. The modular future panels will eat knobs like there’s no tomorrow.

  • OKOKOK.... ill do it. Anyone for the clear ALBS Knobs?

    So now for the Rules:

    Anyone who wants ALBS Knobs please send me a Mail at fcdaniels (ät) me (pünktschen) com.

    Please tell me exactly how many knobs of what color you like, inquiry open till March 15th.

    Ill then get a Price, publish it here and come back to you with a PayPal Bill. I will wait another week for Payment and then order, regardless of waiting for anyones Payment. If you are late in the game you loose and your order is canceled (and refund if paid to late) – I’m a bit tight on time and can’t afford to eMail you frequently just to remind you and its unfair agains all others who paid in time.

    Ill pack the Bags and Ship via Standard Mail as default, shipping will be 5€ Minimum or whatever it takes to fulfilll your wishes.

    Edit: Looked up an old eMail, Prices will be 0,98/Each, presumably less with larger orders.

  • 30 each öf clear red and clear bluë please! And 20 ordinary clear onês.

    /Great Garbo

  • you will have to laser a lot of special holes, fcd72 ;)

    i am in. i will check with a mate, if he needs some, too and then tell you, woh much i need.

  • There were some peeps over at MIDIbox forum who also wanted in on this in the past. Should they be told?

  • Only if we don’t reach the minimum order quantity… i don’t want to count knobs a whole weekend…..

  • id be surprised if you even hear back from them for anything less than a thousand parts. Dealing with those ppl is not the most pleasant thing in the world. When I ordered clear ones years ago there was a person their what was a little more accommodating but they are long gone afaik

    Anyway, here is my addition to the thread:

    These are available from digikey. The pointer is painted on and can be removed with acetone (for encoders) AND its a a 6mm shaft NOT 1/4” like most metal ones so it sits nice and tight on a standard 6mm D shaft

  • I looked up an old (Last November :-) ) and the offered me the translucent ones for 0,98€/piece w/o Shipping, @100 Pcs.

    Just to give you an Idea, most likely prices will drop with you ordering 100s of transparent Knobs for everything….

  • Here’s a crap pic of my unfinished knob box. Will post better pics when I finish it. Stacked ponoko bamboo. 8 push button encoders with a dual colour led ring for each pot. Each button press selects a different bank of 8 cc knobs. Cool eh?
  • not so cheap, but I like a lot, as they are tiny (have big hands)


  • what a pity that the delivery costs of digikey are so high, they have very nice knobs!
  • best. knobs, ever.


    only 47 euros each

  • Hey, thats just a Laser Engraved Aluminium knob….

  • Kull wahad!
    I was browsing knobs thru Alibaba and could easily score soft-touchies for approx 0.1USD each if I bought 1000… 47€, that’s what I could get a jet fighter for (not that I want or need one!) if I could get some decent offset deals.

    Still, it’s very hard rock/heavy metal! Only thing harder would be to use old glass eyes for shock value… Or teeth. But nahh.

    I decided that Yueqing Omter Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd could hook me up and that more could be had from
    Yueqing Fengxing Electric Factory or
    Yueqing Ruitai Electronics Co., Ltd as well as from as “diverse” sources as
    Genphoal Technology Co., Ltd or lego work from
    Acme Tooling Co Ltd

    If I was a big business I could go on a rampage.

  • @youkon: I like those knobs. They look very similar to Serge modular ?

    btw I've spotted a fellow Cirklon owner :-D
  • @0x80

    The Serge Modular uses Davies 1900 knobs. Search for Davies clones and ye shall be rewarded!

  • for example here

  • barely on topic:

    more strange stuff from NAMM you might enjoy here:

  • @0x80
    hey nice!
    where are you from?
    me germany, stuttgart

    the knobs are the same as from malekko/ eurorack

  • @youkon
    Netherlands, Utrecht.

    I think I'd use those same knobs if I build a programmer. Looks very good and the resulting extra space seems very useful.
  • i love those!

    got them from mammoth electronics.

    lot's of nice colors available!

    they are 1/4" = 0.635 millimeters round shaft.
    but i had no problem mounting them on a round shaft 0.6 mm potentiometer as they are screw mounted.
    yes, i ordered round shaft potentiometers just for those ;)

    no, i did not pay import taxes to the european union on em. maybe i was just lucky, my total order was a total of 13 €s..


    any stores in berlin, with a nice selection of knobs?

    i am especially looking for the ones i just posted about.

    i saw the black ones in the segor store.

  • hi peek,

    close to südkreuz it is banzai music and they have a lot!
  • @q-ba:
    webstore looks awesome!!! will check it out, thanks!
  • u are wellcome! if you find any other shop in berlin let me know please, i live here and i only know the one you said, banzai music, conrad and also schneidersbüro, but the guys of the schneidersbüro buy the knobs in banzai music.
  • Just got a big bag of these in: Sifam 11mm diameter for 6mm D shaft. These are great since the top is replaceable and movable (you can make the line point in any direction)

  • @altitude
    This is from that bulk order, i’ve missed =(
    Do you have any vacant knobs?

  • no, sorry. You might want to contact Sifam since they are in Europe, They would probably have a better inventory anyway. The problem I ran into is that Selco, their US distributor does not stock everything and they dont have a list a of what they do stock so its pretty much luck of the draw. They do have those (DR110) in both black and gray and also the ones with skirts (DRN110). If you want either of those, they only have a $50 minimum order so I could do that pretty much any time if Sifam Europe has large minimum requirements

  • In any case, many thanks for doing the Sifam bulk order even though it’s a bit backwards to do it from the States :P

    I don’t see myself ordering truckloads of knobs (think their MOQ is 1000!) directly from Selco anytime soon… BTW, Rapid online in the UK is starting to sell some push-on Sifams to replace the Re’ans that are no longer made.

  • I love DRN110 with black cap!

    i’ll try to contact them.

  • Ahh, then Rapid won’t be able to help you :(

    But, they do carry the Sifam 3/03/TPM110 006 range, the Sifam 3/05/TPNP120 006 range and the Sifam 3/03/TPM130 006 range :)

  • @jujelito
    Just looked at their shop.

    I hate my perfectionism =)

  • EComponents UK have the Re’an P670 and P300 in most colors still available. Really friendly service and good prices. Seems you can still score most of that stuff a while more at them and Rapid. Made my lifetime buys it seems.

    Also received my three-shot Sifams from Altitude. Mmm, they are compact! Thanks!

  • Thnx, nice price!

  • I cant for the life of me figure how to post a new topic on this forum so Ill just keep posting vaguely related stuff in existing topics :P

    I am trying to find an appropriate encoder for the Shruthi that could be panel mount. Or could the one that comes with the kit be panel mount, not sure if it comes with a screw for the encoder shaft?

    Thanks in advance
  • I never have seen panel mounted encoders, maybe you use a piece of PerfBoard and some spacers that you glue to the Front Panel?

    Or you just buy one of these:;ACTION=3;LA=444;GROUP=B29;GROUPID=3714;ARTICLE=73916;START=0;SORT=preis;OFFSET=500;SID=10TXeS4X8AAAIAAFffHmk561e093f0ee57c88e80b2dd36d5b2ce7

  • @kvetch left column, top row, after the Mutable logo, company name and users community, it says “Start a new discussion”...

  • I think it’s kind of goes with this topic to actually also talk about the encoders and pots, but feel free to start new topics otherwise.

    I’m still dreaming of my own control surface with transparent lit shafts and clear Albs knobs. Going to dust off my Eagle CAD maybe.

  • @jojjelito

    Why do you want to do clear Shafts if you know someone who has a Laser Cutter?

  • @kvetch

    No chance to derail this thread – I have fluently changed the Topic ;-)

  • Since the topic has changed, these pots are solid and feel identical to the stock Mutable pots. In fact, I’ve had friends try to guess which pot was the replacement and so far no one has guessed the Panasonic. The shaft is too long, but nothing one snip from some good wire cutters can’t take care of!

  • @kvetch
    i’m using this ones

    here they costs $6 per 10 pcs

  • @fcd72

    Tru dat, but I also had this crazy idea of gentrifying some existing gear without having to use a Dremel to remix it ;)

    I’m going to pimp my CZ5000, the SH-101, the Prophet VS and the K5000s but I’m currently researching what to do besides wooden end cheeks…

  • I bought some knobs from Maplin (UK) today for my Sidekick. They look remarkably similar to the ones in the Shruthi kit, except they're not designed for D shaped pot shafts.

    I still managed to push them on and they grip fine. But they're difficult to line up as a result.

    Plus you have the usual problem of them only ever stocking 2 of everything.
  • Frank have you ordered them already? dam i have 6 pages of threads to look through, hope i haven’t missed the new product!!!

    btw i don’t like the colorful musikding knobs that i’ve seen some posts above on the programmer (the slim ones, with pointer, that comke in all colors). i did like them, until i tried to use them on my Where’s tha party at. there’s no metal threading, the screw goes through plastic. destroyed the threading even before they were sitting firmly.



  • Yo Rosch, you can still join the show, just drop me a line.

    How about pimping your VS with a new owner: me ;-) ?

  • @fcd72 – I could write something in my final will, but I have to be very careful to not give you an incentive to kill me ;)


  • ...i always knew all those steinway aficionados can’t really play and just hit the start button.

  • Thread necro alert! There’s a bulk order for Albs knobs over at MIDIbox. Go get some!

  • ill be doing a sifam order shortly, drop me a pm if interested

  • Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see a link on this thread on where to get those sexy transparent knobs. Can someone enlighten me?

  • You can get the Albs “Waldorf” knobs over at MIDIbox forum
    Register yourself there and post in the relevant bulk order thread. However, there was just a bulk order that has closed and shipped to those of us who wanted in.

  • ‘Sexy transparent knobs’ sold here

  • Hello people,

    Just in case you haven’t noticed/kept up – there’s a new bulk for the Albs knobs over at MIDIbox. Also, some really neat thumb-wheels for D-shaft encoders are offered.

  • I think i’have enough knobs for a while. I ordered 10 standard shruthi knobs from farnell and they delivered me 10 bags!! of 5 knobs today. 50 knobs/4per shruthi is euhm….. 12,5 shruthi’s :)

  • @shiftr

  • i found this website if someone want knobs, they are really cheap.

  • Did anybody ever see moog style knobs (something like this) smaller then 19mm ? I’m looking for some.

  • Musikding has some albeit only colored – weird!

  • Cheapest knobs I ever saw outside ebay:

    google tayda electronics

  • @fcd72: they have them in black too. at least I can see them…

  • Also, there’s some high-quality clone knobs/originals at Thonk in the UK and at Synthcube in the US of A Synthcube has some Moog/Cosmo-style knobs that are 5/8” or 15.875mm diameter.

  • @rumpelfilter…link?. I also only see black ones in 20 mm and colored in 16mm

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