Mouser replacement parts
  • Hi, I am about to order my parts for the Ambika synth. But some of the parts aren’t available at the moment and I’m a bit uncertain about some replacement parts or alternative suggestions from Mouser (based wikipage BOM)
    what replacements have you guys found ? (I’m in Europe btw, Belgium)

    - the SD card connector ( 571-2041021-1 ) doesn’t seem to have a direct replacement on Mouser. Any ideas ? It will be overly expensive if I just have to order this one part somewhere else.

    - Linear Regulators ( 863-MC7805ACTG ) Is the 863-MC7805ABTG a good replacement ? Only difference seems the operating temperature.

    - yellow/green 2 leaded LED ( 604-WP937GYW ) can’t seem to find a direct replacement with 2 leads. What are the alternatives ?

    thanx !

  • The SD-card connector can be subbed with something from Würth. Search for it in this forum. It’s been verified by shiftr, I just read the drawings and saw that it should fit mechanically and pin-wise. FTFY: DigiKey had the part from Würth: 732-3817-1-ND – Würth 693063010911 is available at RS and Farnell too. Elfa also, depending on where you are.

    The regs should be good to go with your listed option. For the LED, take any other 2-legged 2-color LED. The 604-WP937EGW should work if you can live with red/green instead. Hit the show similar button and search in the details. Something should show up. Then, modify the search to include more than just Kingbright and you’ll be good to go in no time.

  • yeah, just found the post about the Würth connector. Now just have to find the least expensive way to get that one part ;)
    Think the momo will work without the SD memory connector soldered on ? (for testing purposes)
    I could live with waiting a bit for that part.

    I’ll try to find Y/G leds but say you choose diff colour leds, aren’t the forward voltages not going to be an issue, or somthing to look out for ?

    thanx Jojjelito !

  • I want to source parts for an Ambika before work vacations, I found some parts are not available from Mouser, some help on this will be great.

    Trimmer, 1N5819, Lcd (Optrex led is available) an SD card holder are not available from Mouser.

    Also want to make Smr voices where 220n Ceramic are backordered and as said in the Bom 100n replacement is acceptable, or I can get from Digikey where everything is available except from the trimmers.

    Also everything is on Farnell except from the two ceramic caps.

    At the end i’ve to found the power supply…

  • There’s a few different 1N5819 available at Mouser. Did you search for it? Any non-SMD 1n5819 should be good. 511-1N5819, 821-1N5819, 512-1N5819 (out of stock), 844-1N5819TR, 625-1N5819-E3, 863-1N5819RLG, 511-1N5819-TR, ...

    The LCD: I got the white Optrex at DigiKey. The green Optrex is a Mouser item. Otherwise, get something from East Rising in China.The Wurth SD-card holder can be found at DigiKey and Farnell. Also, the trimmer can’t be that hard to substitute.

    If you’re in the EU you get free shipping from both Mouser and DigiKey after you spend about 100€. So, I suggest a split order. Or order stuff to fill up either – extra keycaps or some other pita parts are always good to get.

  • Thanks jojjelito! I’m on Spain, Mouser ships free from 65€ and I think Digikey too so split orders is a good idea, only have to find the trimmer.

    Also maybe getting the lcd from china and take an extra one for the midialf.

  • Also have to figure out where to get all the hardware (screws, spacers, nuts) at the best price…

  • I can get some sd card slots and send them in an envelope if it’s awy help. I get free shipping from Farnell…

  • In my order It says the SD-card connector will ship 1st of july. Diodes 4th of july. Shoulda just taken other ones but copying the mainboard and 3 filter BOMs got me a little braindead for that moment.

  • Thanks for the offer shiftr but 1st of July its reasonable, trimmer seems to be on stock again, will check for alternative diode and get the Lcd from china

    So only have to sort hardware pieces and power supply…

  • So at the end I have to made five orders, MI shop, mouser, buydisplay, hardware parts (reichelt?) and power supply (Henri or Selectronics) I hope to not forget something…

  • They should have a power supply at mouser and reichelt i think…

  • on the wiki only this three are listed, also in this thread are some Mouser or Digikey ones that doesn’t seem to work…

    but if anyone knows a Mouser one will be cool to know!

  • hate to register on every page to know the shipping costs… :S

  • Hardware parts and power supply (±50€ with shipping costs of course) :o

  • sorry Mouser and Reichelt don;t have the right ones for the Ambika…. I got mine here

  • While at it, could you perhaps share your “hardware parts” cart? I believe with that you mean screws n’ stuff? Could save me some work =P

  • I don’t have a hardware cart for those parts… I usually buy big bags of screws, nut standoffs etc. Only for Ambika i get some special 4 cm and 12 mm standoffs at farnell.

  • i just take this and did some research, but sourcing parts with my Htc it’s a bit tedious so maybe theyre available from Mouser

  • @shiftr thanks for the power supply link, RS it’s only 5€ shipping costs

  • Is any difference betwen this 9B-20.000MAAJ-B crystal and this 9B-20.000MEEJ-B ??

    Or any other crystal I can purchase from RS or Reichelt will be great!

  • Well, one of them is actually in stock, the other one isn’t..

  • Yeah the one isn’t stock is the one on the BOM, the other one it’s the same except the name…

  • Yep, can’t find any difference between them other than that.. :)

  • I was looking to find a 9mm 100K pot in stock at Mouser with no luck (mostly too short, detented…) any idea where to get a replacement for RK09D113F25C0A104 ??

  • @elhambre Have you found the crystals? I was in the same spot a couple of weeks ago, but managed to find the MAAJ-B one (the one in the BOM) from Farnell. Think they had quite a few in stock as well.

  • Been using the MEEJ-B on an Ambika (6xSmr4) and a couple of Shruthi without any problem.

  • You could go for the Bourns PTV09, but those have a nasty wobbly feel. Otherwise – there are Panasonics at Digi-key which are good, plus 9mm pots at Farnell and the odd Ebay seller or two.

  • Thanks Jojjeltio, the ones from Bourns i see at mouser are the PTV09-4225F (detented) and the PTV09-4025U (knurled, and not available) also get lost looking the Alphas.

    The good thing is that now while I’m looking for components if i need one or two i take half-dozen and so, i think it’s time to visit The Anonymus GearAholics™ Support Group again…

  • RK09D113AF25A15 and RK09D113BF25B15 seems to differ on the resistance taper, will they work?

  • You don’t want an A taper (log/audio) as the action of turning vs values changing will be very uneven. It should be a Lin (B) taper.

  • Thanks again @jojjelito, by the way this is the 100K pot for main volume on the Ambika, shouldn’t be Audio?

  • Well, the Ambika main volume pot should be an Audio taper pot since it’s for audio volume ;)
    The lin pots are just read as a linear voltage so that the amount of knob twisting corresponds to the parameter changes – used for things like digital/display control, modulation amounts, pulsewidth etc.

    Here’s a good text on all the nitty gritty details on pot tapers.

    EDIT again: Here’s a nice picture of resistance vs movement:

  • by the reference (RK09-D113-F25-C0-A104) i think it’s a C taper… i need to take a rest and maybe some beer and continue tonite…

  • Huh?

    I could find RK09D1130C3C which ought to do fine except for maybe the center detent. Take a peek here:

  • Dear Mutable’s,

    i also order parts from Mouser and they still not available or come March next year.
    So please can you assist, thank you very much.

    Here the List:

    863-MC7805ACTG crosses to 863-MC7805ACTG
    265-118ABH-22 => 567-287-1AB is a possible alternative
    163-7620E-E crossses to 806-KLDX-0202-A
    556-ATMEGA328P-PN => 556-ATMEGA328P-PN is a possible alternative
    649-77311-118-03LF crosses to 649-68024-103HLF
    81-PV36P203C01B00 => 81-PV36Z203C01B00 is a possible alternative

    All the best,


    • Any 7805 in TO-220 package will do. LIke 511-L7805ABV.
    • 567-287-1AB might work, but I can’t confirm.
    • 806-KLDX-0202-A is Ok, I have already bought it for the Shruthi kits.
    • 556-ATMEGA328P-PN is fine – but why do you want to buy it, you already got it from me!
    • 649-68024-103HLF is okay (though quite expensive, maybe you could just get a long row of header at Reichelt and cut it)
    • 81-PV36Z203C01B00 does not have the right form factor.
  • Dear Olivier,

    thank you for the feed back and answer.
    This part: 556-ATMEGA328P-PN was in BOM list, that’s why i ordered.

    All the best,


  • Some people buy the ATmega328p from Mouser and flash it themselves. Some people buy it from me with their PCB. It’s up to you – but since you have already bought it from me, no need to reorder one.

  • Dear Olivier,

    yes i readed now also. With the other parts i will go tomorrow ahead to finalize the parts.

    Thank you very much. Realy nice place here ;-)

    All the best,


  • ok let’s post this where it should be since i have had similar problems..
    are these replacement parts suitable?

    81-PV36P203C01B00 => 81-PV36P200C01B00?
    556-ATMEGA328P-PU => can be cancelled (stupid me!)
    163-7620E-E => 806-KLDX-0202-A
    649-77311-118-03LF => 649-68024-103HLF
    863-MC7805ACTG => 863-MC7805CTG?
    81-PV36P203C01B00 => 81-PV36P200C01B00?

  • 649-77311-118-03LF is in stock.

    81-PV36P200C01B00 has the wrong resistance (20 ohms).

    Other substitutions are OK.

  • 81-PV36P203C01B00 seems to be the tricky part then. can’t find one at mouser that would have the same specs or form

  • Dear crc,

    i cancel the Parts that are not still available from Mouser and buy it at Farnell.
    Yersteday order today get it. I must say much easier then Mouser in my opinion.

    All the best,


  • Those trimmers can be had as Bourns clones fer cheap using Ebay, at Farnell, Reichelt, Digi-Key, Elfa, Rapid Electronics, Jameco, your local corner shop…

  • all those bourns ones are those vertical ones, still having trouble finding a substitute

  • still trouble with one semiconductor (mouser 863-MC7805ACTG) as mouser shipped already without my replacement part request. there is one locally here would this work?

  • Huh 7.5€ that’s expensive and this is not even the same part!

    The 7805 is the most common 5V regulator out there, I’m sure you’ll find it easily elsewhere.

    Number two part is the one you want, the one labeled 7805, number three is ok(but more expensive) as well..

  • ok found the correct one. sorry for all the hassle. now i should have all parts! :P

  • CRC are these Ambika parts? I ordered my Control board, 4 x 4pm and 2 x SVF and Ive got about 5 parts on backorder – some till feb-march!

  • Post a list of what those parts were and I’m sure that I or someone here can suggest substitutes. Are you in the EU, US, UK, DE, FR or?

    Searching around the forum can probably yield some more info too.

  • Im in Australia. Ill post a list shortly.

  • Does anyone have experience with this Mouser replacement for the large Mobo heatsink?

    BOM: 567-265-118ABH-22
    Replacement: 567-240-118ABH-22

    I suspect that Mouser has the length/width reversed on the second one. It looks to be pretty close to identical, but maybe I am missing something.

  • Ambika Mobo IC10, IC11: 511-M74HC595

    Does this work as a replacement: 595-SN74HC595N

  • Thanks,

    I think I have otherwise found out replacements for parts that I’m missing but I would need to:

    A: find replacement for 688-RK09D1130C2P pot in DigiKeys


    B: find a replacement for 612-TL1100 switch in mouser

    After this I would be able to order missing parts from one store.

  • We talked about various replacements here

    The fact that no conclusions were really reached means you have to take a good look and be willing to experiment a little.

  • Didn’t want to start a new thread. Just loading the BOM for the ambika control board into and they don’t have any of the DIP sockets. Being an underling I thought I would ask about replacement parts?
    I found this DIP8 socket replacement 571-26412601not sure if its ok though.
    Couldn’t find a DIP40 or DIP16

    Also the BOM quotes 2x DIP8 sockets 2x DIP16 sockets and 1x DIP40 socket. Just wanted to double check that. I guess some aren’t socketed?

  • Any replacement on mouser for those ?

  • Wait, first question, is it okay to still ask here even if Olivier isn’t selling anymore ?

  • 6 pack or search Arduino header at Mouser
  • TME also got those

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