Few Shruthi-XT caps missing
  • Hi, I’m missing only 4 caps, ref Mouser 611-21125, or any other color. Has anyone some spare ?
    I’d be glad to pay the price and shipping, best from France or Europe.

  • @nuclearsound I might have them. I will check it tonight and I can send it from post office near border here If I have them.

  • Cool, thanks a lot @cereyanlimusiki. Keep me tuned for the cost, and here’s my adress in case you have somme spare indeed :
    Antoine Munoz
    7 avenue des bonnes volontés
    44300 Nantes

  • Sorry @nuclearsound I could not find them

  • ok, thanks for your return anyway. I’ll be glad to hear from you if you find it sometime.

  • Hello @cereyanlimusiki, hi all, I finally am missing 3 of this part, if anybody has it ?

  • Hello all, by any chance, do some of you guys have a few spare now ?

  • Hello Antoine, I’m preparing a Mouser group buy with a friend in Toulouse. Send me a PM if you want me to add the caps to the order. ;)

  • Nevermind

  • Thanks V’cent !

  • I’ll tell you if dubtoms order fails/delays for some reason.

  • Hi V’cent, is your offer still valid ?

  • Not really – I don’t have any of the round ones anymore, only the square ones used in the standard/homebrew XT. Sorry :(

  • Will check tonight … should have some left

  • thanks guys !

  • Alas, none left, it seems … sorry !

  • I think I have some of those left from the LXR … only 3 black ones but some more in white. Tell me if you still need them and I’ll put them in a little envelope off to France.

  • Thanks anyway eelco !
    Janniz, I’m actually missing 3 black caps, not 4. So if you can send me your 3 ones, I’d love it. My adress is written above on a previous post.
    Can I make a gift payment via Paypal to reward you ? Tell me how much you need with postage !

  • Hi Janniz, I received the 3 caps, thanks a lot ! PM to follow

  • De rien ;)

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