Shruthi-1 Reichelt BOMs
  • Update: Dual SVF (Midnight Ed.) filter board built, found one small bug, corrected the BOM, tested.
    Update: 4-Pole Mission filter board built, found two small bugs, corrected the BOM, tested.
    Update: Control board built and tested.
    Update: Polivoks filter board built and tested.

    I still have a couple of Shruthi PCBs lying around here, and I’m in the process of sourcing parts for them. Located in Germany, Mouser et al. have too expensive shipping, so I’m sourcing at Reichelt and will publish my BOMs here. Will mark them as untested until I actually received the parts and built up the synths…

    BTW Reichelt is cheap! Parts for the control board (minus switches) clock in at €24, compared to €51 at Mouser.

    Shruthi-1 control board
    Tested. Known bugs: This does not contain the switches, as Reichelt doesn’t have them. Still looking for alternatives.

    LP2+delay filter board
    Untested. Known bugs: This does not contain V2164, PT2399, MCP4822, 6.5mm jacks or the Arduino headers, as these aren’t available from Reichelt.

    Polivoks filter board
    Tested. Known bugs: This does not contain the Arduino headers or 6.5mm jacks.

    Midnight Edition filter board
    Tested. Known bugs: This does not contain the V2164, Arduino headers or 6.5mm jacks.

    4-Pole Mission filter board
    Tested. Known bugs: This does not contain the V2164, Arduino headers or 6.5mm jacks.

    Sources for missing parts:
    6.5mm Neutrik jacks:

    Arduino headers:

  • Alternatives: none.

  • You may be able to score the TL1100 switches from However, once you collect enoght stuff, orders over 60-65€-ish come with shipping included at Mouser or Digi-Key.

    It seems that WTS in Germany may be able to provide these in larger amounts at least. Or, try at Farnell

  • If you only need for one MoBo, try contacting Andre from TubeOhm….

  • Jojjelito: I found the switches at xoxshop, but they don’t carry the correct caps…

    EDIT: Found clones of the switches at RS-Components that should also work. I’ll try them. Still looking for the key caps.

  • @bjoern: Those Omrons have a 3,8mm square plunger instead of 3,3mm square. Chances are slim to none that you end up with nicely aligned keytops after filing and/or grinding them down.

    The Ambika can use the TA12-series keytops, just like the x0xb0x if you remix the case slightly. There’s no room for that on a Shruthi. However, we have found and listed alternative key caps before somewhere in this forum. I think they were Alps and came from Farnell too.

  • Thanks for pointing that out about the Omrons. Yup, the thread is here (gwaidan’s post near the bottom). But I haven’t found a German distributor for those either.

  • It make sense to order from Mouser for at least 65€ +19% (free shipping) and all the rest from Reichelt, especially if you have to order parts for a couple of PCBs.
    It’s not possible to order all parts in Germany. At least, it will not be cheaper if you have to order from 4 or 5 different suppliers (RS, Farnell, xoxshop, WTS...)

    Edit: the following parts I would order from Mouser: – encoder (the encoder from Reichelt is to short for the metal case) – LCD (do you really want that cheap display from Reichelt?) – switches and caps and knobs – arduino headers

  • I’d dispute that. Polivoks filter BOM ~13€ at Reichelt vs ~26€ at Mouser, 4PM ~18€ at Reichelt vs ~32€ at Mouser, control board ~24€ at Reichelt vs ~51€ at Mouser. I didn’t bother to look up the parts from the Mouser BOMs posted on the forum that are discontinued or otherwise unavailable so the numbers are not quite correct. But part for part, Mouser is a lot more expensive, which can make up for quite some shipping cost.

    Except for the parts that you actually have to get from there because nobody else carries them… grr. Anyone up for a group buy of those knobs and buttons?

  • If someone from Germany will order parts from Mouser the next days. Let me know ;-)
    I need some parts for a few cents (only available at mouser or digikey).

  • “Except for the parts that you actually have to get from there because nobody else carries them…”
    ^^ this
    And if you want some quality LCDs for 5 Shruthis (let’s say nice Newhaven white on black, red on black, blue on black…) you have to order at mouser anyway ;-)

  • I have an LP2 board which I have been trying to find components for a while; or, well, finding components isn’t that hard, but I’ve been trying to minimize the price by sourcing from different suppliers etc. I might just give up and test your Reichelt BOM instead. Thanks!

  • Maybe you want to wait until the end of the week; at that time I should have built the LP2+Delay and can say something about the “Untested” status…

  • I’m impatient! But I guess the fact that I neither have money for buying stuff or time to build anything, will make it quite easy for me to wait for you.

  • Polivoks filter board built and tested.

  • @cj55 I should order at Mouser soon (can tell you in 1-2 days).

  • Yes, let me know! Would be great!

  • yep, no problem

  • just send me a pm with the parts you need…

  • Just built a control board with these parts. Works. Only snag is that the MIDI sockets, for some reason, have some weird plastic nibs at the bottom which interfere with the 8-pin IC socket and one of the encoder pins. They can be just snipped off with some wire cutters, though.

  • Is there any concern that the price difference with Reichelt corresponds to lower quality in parts? If not, the cost of self-sourcing seems too good to be true!

  • 4-Pole Mission filter board built and tested.

  • @ivoryslammer: I don’t think so. All the parts are to spec, apart from the “chickenfood” (resistors, caps etc.) most are even identical.

  • Sweet! Why “chickenfood”? Ha!

  • Dual-SVF (Midnight ed.) filter board built and tested.

    And I just about creamed my pants. Oh my god, that thing is AWESOME. My very very favoritest Shruthi so far, even though a bit more programming effort is required to use that second filter. But just playing those two self-resonant filters, tuned one octave apart, without any oscillators… MAN.

  • Any news on switches and caps? I got some nice assortment of parts for 3 controlboards and 2 filterboards, but switches are still missing….

    And the LCDs form Reichelt got a silver bezel, any idea where tonget compatible lcd or oled with black bezel?


  • I bought “LCD 162C BL” from Reichelt last year, it has a black bezel. Of course this might have changed and I can’t guarantee anything.

    I’m not sure if the picture really shows a silver bezel, though – maybe it’s only reflection of the light.

  • First of all, thank you for putting together these BOMs!

    I’m really keen on the 4PM, but I don’t know where to get V2164 in Germany. Is ordering from the US (Mammoth Electronics) the only option?

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • hello all
    i’m surprised to see ref for pot and click encoder from reichelt on the control bom, as they are not on the mutable bom from reichelt. Are they ok?? (it’s for a metal enclosure??? And what about the quartz?? if i remember correctly it was not advised to use one from reichelt??

  • The Alps pots will work, but don’t feel very well. The encoder available at reichelt is a little bit too short (20mm), you need 25mm for the metal enclosure. The quartz is no problem, but need 32p capacitors instead 18p.

  • thanks!!

  • hum after a bit of reaserch, and looking at the pics, they will work but you can’t put knob on them…
    mutable note in digital bom:

    Parts to avoid.

    Reichelt RK09K113-LIN10K. Do not have a D-shaped shaft. The end of the shaft is supposed to look like a miniknob

    and looking a the pic:


  • I think these switches will work?

    Can someone confirm this?

    also the pots at Reichelt, are they good? They are too short ? Has anyone found good pots on Ebay?

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