group buy: Anushri PCBs
  • Show of hands?

  • Interested also.

  • Could be depending on cost?

  • All the people capable of organizing a group buy are really showing no interest? How come the Anushri is getting so much less love than its digital brethren?

  • Yeah, this isnt going too well. I’ll figure out prices at itead but not having at least 10 sets is going to make this expensive

  • Any cost estimation? I already have an Anushri but might get in on this if it´s not too expensive.

  • me too if the price is right…

  • very interested in Anushri PCBs. also curious about cost estimations.

  • I can get 5 sets made for ~ $50 a set

  • still down for a set. is there a big difference between 5 and 10 pairs?

  • Still down also.

  • ok, I count 5 punters so let me do up the files and get the ball rolling. I’ll contact everyone via PM

  • I’m still in as well

  • Are you going to replace the 3.5mm jacks with something a bit easier to source? If so, I’ll take 2 sets.

  • I always just got everything from farnell via newark and paid the $20 international flat rate but that’s a fine idea..

  • these which are also had through Thonk. I have the lib’s if you need them.,

  • I just looked at it a and the “thonkconn” ones wont work without changing the layout of the panel (the flying tab interferes with the adjacent connector). The erthenvar ones probably wont work either since the pads will be on the periphery and interfere with each other when stacked so closely but it looks close so I’ll confirm it. You can get the MJ-355 jacks from multiple sources on ebay (5 for $8.50 with free shipping) and from Farnell (thousands in stock) all day long. Changing the layout to accommodate a new jack would require a new case design and that is something I want to steer clear of

  • Yeah I took a look at the layout. Definitely can’t drop in. Oh well.

  • Those are the same jacks the Sid Guts if anyone cares.

  • Altitude, is there a price break at 10? If so I’ll take enough to push us to that point. I’m ok with having a bunch in stock. Plus, it will make a bulk order of jacks easier to swallow.

  • I might also be inclined to double down if there is a price break…

  • I’ll work it out this weekend. No break on 5 or 10 though.

  • I would like to sign up for 1 Set of PCB’s if still possible.

  • Did this ever happen? Too late to join in?

  • No. Low priority on the list right now, have too much going on

  • is this still “on hold” or cancelled?
    if “on hold” i´d like to queue in for one set of pcbs.


  • Canceled until further notice. If someone orders a built unit from me I’ll get some made but I’m not going to buy boards just for the sake of buying boards right now. There’s no cost break till you hit 50 pcs and anyone can get the Itead proto run done at any time

  • @Altitude
    How much do you want for a pre-built unit and what does that include?

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