Breadboard Friends PCB/Kit Group Order (Germany/Europe)
  • Hello everyone,

    I am planing to manage a group order for Breadboard Friends PCBs: which are perfectly suitable for experimenting
    and prototyping new audio circuits and for workshops.

    Please let me know if you want to join. I prefer shipping to Germany, but other
    European Countries should be no problem.

    I would accept PayPal Payment and IBAN/BIC Payment. The more people we get together / the
    more PCBs I order, the cheaper they get. I am planning to order also needed components from
    Mouser Electronics.

    Please either answer here or send me an E-Mail to
    bbf (at) org


  • I’d be in but I’m in the USA.

  • I’d be up for a set of these. I’m in the UK.


  • i’d be in as well for a set

  • Ok, I think we need to get around 10-20 people together to make the price better.
    For now the prices would be around:

    - 10€ for a Breadboard +/- 5V Bi-Polar Power Supply (Kit)

    - 8€ for the Jack Output Board (Kit)

    - 8€ for the Potentiometer Board (Kit)

    - 10€ for the Audio Output / OpAmp Board (Kit)

    Please let me know what you think about this.
    All prices excluding shipping. Shipping would be done in a protected paper envelope
    so the components / PCBs don’t get damaged.

  • Hello!
    I would be interested. UK
    Thank you!

  • maybe also ask on or bigger audience…

  • correction for me:
    2 x power
    2 x pot
    1 x jacks
    1 x output

  • I’d be interested in:

    1x power
    1x jacks
    1x output

  • Hey there,

    Please help me organizing this a bit better and use the Wiki Page at


  • Do you also offer a PCB only option? :)

  • Form filled. When is the workshop?

    Is there a good reason to have more than 1 power, if only making one prototype at a time?

  • I’ll fill the form once I arrive at home (in a day or so)

  • Is this still happening? Not sure how to fill in the form….

  • Did this work out well?
    Is there any interest in a second run?
    I find these PCB’s very promising. I have very recently started to design my own sound circuits and I’m very interested in a new order.

  • I would be interested in a second round.

  • I am in for a second run!
    1x power
    2x pot
    1x jack
    1x out

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