Metal D-Shaft Threaded Pots
  • Anyone got a part number for the metal D-shaft threaded pots used in MI Euro modules?

    Before anyone shoots me down, I’m not trying to DIY one of the MI modules, I want this for another project.


  • These are not off-the-shelf parts. MOQ is 1000.

  • I see. I’ve found something similar from Alps.

    They’re a bit cheaper from RS, and with free UK delivery.

    Much nicer than the £0.49 Bourns plastic-shaft versions in the BOM for the project I’m building.


  • Those Alps pots are fine – not quite as smooth as the Alpha pots, and a lot less smooth than the creamy smoothness of the custom pots used in the MI modules, but still perfectly OK, and much better than any plastic shaft pots. Note however that the panel hole size is larger than for the Alpha/MI pots.

  • Ah, hadn’t thought of that. Oops…


  • I’ve found Alpha metal D-Shaft pots on eBay. Of course they ship from China, but the ones I ordered work fine and have that nice creamy smoothness. I’ve also found the ones with center detent, but only for right angle so I had to do a bit of cut lead trickery.

  • Oh, do you have a link for the Alpha D-Shaft ones on eBay, just out of interest?

    I’ve bought a load of the Alps parts now, anyway. Hope they’re ok.

    I’m not too bothered if they don’t feel quite as smooth as the Alpha round-shaft pots, as long as they have a firmer action and are less wobbly than the cheapo plastic-shaft ones.

    I have a round file, so if necessary, I can file out the holes in the alu panel a little.


  • Hm, afaik Thonk should have them. Maybe not the cheapest solution.
    And should be worth a look, too. You can switch language to english, so shouldn’t be a problem to order there.
    That’s where i buy my stuff, they have metal shafted pots as well – and way cheaper as Thonk for me.

  • Thonk only have round-shaft Alpha. also don’t seem to have any Alpha D-shaft knobs.


  • I just did a search on eBay for “d-shaft potentiometer” then the value. Here’s a 10kB.

  • They don’t seem to have a 50k one, unfortunately.

    The Alps parts I ordered turned up today. They’re definitely not as smooth as either the ones used in the MI modules, or the round-shaft Alpha pots Thonk sell, but much better than the plastic-shaft ones in the BOM for the module I’m building (another Turing Machine with Vactrol Mix expander).


  • Maybe dremmel up a d-shaft?

  • I think the Alpha shafts are larger, too, so it’s more complicated than just filing a flat side.


  • Ah, true.

  • Just use different knobs?

  • I want to use the Rogan knobs Olivier uses, and they’re only available in D-Shaft (and even then, are hard to get hold of in small quantities).


  • A while ago Grayscale ran a bulk order for those Rogan knobs. I was able to get some encoder knobs, as well as some for T18 pots in case I want to pimp some Doepfer or whatever.

    I think that Wes still has the D-shaft knobs for sale.

    There was some talk about Thonk getting the Alpha pots with D-shafts as well, but I’m not sure when and if those will materialize.

  • @Jojjelito Yep, Grayscale still sells 4 different Rogan knobs, but they’re all D-shaft. I’ve ordered some, but then I thought it would be a shame to pair them with some sh*tty wobbly, plastic-shaft pots.

    The Alps ones will do the job fine, assuming they fit the Grayscale panels I’ve ordered.


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