WTB Hexinverter Dual Euro Simple Seq PCBs
  • hi all
    desperately looking for pcbs for this project if anyone can assist…

  • ive also got a bunch of pcbs for trade…

  • As far as i can see, Hexinverter has them on stock ??? And panels available at RE:Synthesis, as usual…And btw, the power connector is afaik MOTM and needs to be adapted to Euro©rack.

  • Still for sale

    His shipping is very reliable, so far (from Canada). I buy too much of his stuff …

    Nice ‘simple’ sequencer (I built one so far) !

  • Thanks both but this isn’t the one I’m after. I have a panel for the dual eurorack version and hexinverter don’t have any of them :(

  • I assume you have this one ?

    The PCB’s eelco linked are for this panel.
    You ‘ll need 2 sets of them.

  • It’s this one-https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-xpgPCrVsykdSoDWRqGpOjWByMzHxqCLNOvAT6Pgx4DAjkIrdzHsS7NfJ

    It’s probably close enough for a kludge?

  • That’s exactly the one I have, and indeed, as shiftr says, you need TWO sets. Sorry for not mentioning that. So that’ll be 50 dollars + shipping, from hexinverter himself.

    Look at this page for wiring instructions (below the images !), where it says
    “!!!NEW!!! Panel Wiring Guide for the dual Eurorack panel offered by Re:Synthesis:”
    There are two version there: this one is easiest.

  • nice one gents! thanks

  • received my pcbs from hexinverter. they dont fit out of the box but once ive done the wiring job from hell hopefully it’ll work!

  • ah — wiring this one is not that bad — try Herxinverter’s ‘Postman’ !

  • ..... ive got one waiting to be wired in my box as we speak. it keeps going to the back of the queue

  • There should be enough rainy days to get it done … eventually. Wiring is a bit dull …

  • Flying wires suck completely…

  • it would be ok if it didnt usually require debugging every time


  • Spaghetti is for eating, not for modules …

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