Koma Field Kit
  • Anyone else back the Koma Field Kit on Kickstarter?

    Looks like a sort of mash-up of a Moog CP 251, a Radio Music and some of those Bastl modules. DIY as well, couldn’t resist.

  • It’s more like the RF Nomad than the Radio Music, since there’s an actual Radio inside. It really is a cool thing though if you’re into field recording and working with concrete sounds. It’s really a nice mix of very useful things, in one small, compact device. Couldn’t resist either! :)

  • Ah I have no credit card and paypal was not possible but I am super psyched for that – but I am very patient so I can wait…

  • I’m gonna hit ‘em up as soon as they become readily available. Can’t stand preorders!

  • I couldn’t resist the Koma Field Kit (my first ever Kickstarter). LIke rumpefilter, I thought it an extremely useful mix of modules, which complements my existing range of contact and EM transducers perfectly.

    As an early adopter, I can’t wait for the March/April delivery, but ParanormalPatroler – you might have a longish wait, as even Kickstarter supporters are now having to wait until May/June.


  • Two weeks-ish until they start shipping. Did anyone back this super early? I think I’m down in the 500s so looking at mid-April.

  • I’m backer 287, so I shouldn’t be waiting TOO long ;)


  • I was like 13. Fingers crossed.

  • I think I am up 1000 but I got my address inquiry mail few days ago.
    Maybe they’ll ship the DIY kits faster.
    Fingers crossed too, I expected to wait until may-june!

  • Mine has arrived! Which was unexpected, given that I didn’t get a shipping confirmation.

  • My DIY kit (#287) arrived today! What a gorgeous little box – I haven’t been this excited since receiving my Shruthi kit ;)


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