Module Tester - 74HC595
  • Hi Everybody!,

    I’m buying parts for the Module Tester from the BOM from github. I’ve run into a number of obsolete parts that (I hope) I’ve successfully navigated through.
    The only one that’s giving me pause is the 74HC595: I find (qty. 3) PID-16s at Mouser that could fit the bill, but there is enough about their specs that is different from the original that I’m compelled to seek help:

    The second on that selection seems to fit the specs the closest, but it is expensive enough to merit the concurrence of others (y’all).

    I find SMD 595s that match the original specs better and I’m comfortable building with SMD, so if the consensus is to get an adapter for it I will follow the advice. – The *195, has a similar story (THT specs match more closely, but): THT CMOS appears passing into obsolescence. Alas, we hardly knew ye.

    Please leave me your thoughts and anything else you can spare,

  • Which specs are you talking about? as long as it accepts +5V, and has 595 on it, it’ll work.

  • I guess I was being OCD about it; I ordered much more reasonably priced.
    Thanks Olivier!