Quick question about Rings loose knobs please?
  • Just wanted to double check something about Rings… the Frequency and Structure on my module are particularly loose.. more so than any other Mutable module (tides/clouds/shades). Is this normal? (I don’t have access to another Rings to compare) I just find that any slight touch on the Frequency / Structure knobs can through the whole thing out of tune, where as the other knobs (brightness / dampening / position) have way more more resistance. Thoughts (and potential fixes) welcome.

  • There’s no other fix than replacing the pot (I can do it if you send me back the module).

    Pot “resistance” varies from batch to batch – it could be that parts from different batches were used on your module.

  • Thank you Olivier. I think I might send it in then.. any slight touch, even from a patch cable, ensures dramatic results. Could you please let me know the details for sending the unit?

  • It’s not a DIY Rings, or a clone of some sorts is it? I never experienced loose knobs on Rings… but then, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen of course.

  • I had this feeling of “loose” knobs on my Rings too. in fact I just checked now, they could be a little bit looser than Clouds knobs. hard to say. asked my gf. she also find them a little looser too.

    anyway this feeling of loose knobs is in my situation more about how sensitive they are and that if I just move the wrong patch cable they indeed can move a little and then get the module off of tune.

    by the way I’m using my modular horizontally so I doesn’t help either if a bunch of cables are on the way from Frequency and Structures.

    I ended up being careful how to patch regarding this issue

  • Thanks, it’s not a DIY btw… The knobs are sensitive, yes, but more on a micro scale. They don’t seem to hold their position as firmly as my other mutable knobs.. a micro movement on the Freq / Structure would make it instantly out of tune. When they turn they have a good weight to them, it’s just the micro movements which are quite fragile. I just wasn’t sure if this is normal behaviour. Don’t want to waste Olivier’s time for something that is standard..

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