tides problem (probably can't leave easter egg???)
  • I wanted to use the clock sync mode after a long while and probably used a wrong button combo (all LEDs were yellow at one point)
    After that the module does not respond as expected anymore.
    Buttons work, but it outputs either nothing or only noise.
    So I guess I entered the plotter mode by accident?
    How do I leave it?
    Even a firmware re-install via audio did not help.
    Doing the procedure to enter it again does not help either.

    I can hold the mode button, all LEDs yellow, push it again, all red, then the range button and I am were I left before… strange noise from the outs.

    All help welcome!

  • Try recalibrating.

  • ok that worked. phew

    I’m surprised I could enter calibration mode without cables attached to level and FM.
    Maybe it was still an old firmware, since I can’t reproduce it now. But I’m quite sure I had nothing connected besides a clock input and the audio outputs when I entered the “all yellow” mode by accident.

    Anyways. Thanks for the quick help!