Peaks firmware update, release candidate
  • I’ve spent a day addressing a couple of minor bug fixes:

    • 808 HH model sometimes produces a distorted noise when the module is powered on.
    • Tap tempo LFO might skip pulses when similar patterns are sent to both inputs (the bug occurs when triggers are detected exactly at the same sample on both inputs).
    • Knob stability issue in sequencer mode.

    The first two issues were related to CPU overload, and the way of addressing that has resulted in a complete overhaul of the I/O and buffering code, leaving much more “headroom” in terms of CPU use. A side effect will be that adding features or moving code around will no longer break CPU intensive features like the 808 HH (as it was the case in DMC).

    Temporarily hosted here

    (If you read this after the first week of june, just check the Mutable Instruments site).

  • Thank you!