FS (US): Patchblock - price reduced.
  • Hey community – help me save up to buy a house! I’m going to off-load some items that I’m not using that much and I’m sure someone else could get greater use out of them. Anyway, here’s what I have right now. I’d like to stick to shipping within the USA for now.

    Razmasynth VIII sequencer – sold!

    Anushri – sold!

    Patchblock – Programmable mini-modular synth (see patchblocks.com). This thing is really cool, but I never ended up diving into the programming side of things. The community is new, but there are a lot of industrious folks out there making interesting patches. – $50 shipped within the US

    Hexinverter 909 Kick – sold!


  • Bump for new items added (Anushri). Cheers!

  • Bump – I’m open to offers, as long as they are reasonable. I’m moving soon, so I’d really like to clear some of this stuff out.

  • Added Razmasynth VIII – sold!

  • Bump for price reductions.