• hi friends, have a cvpal and tr606 and
    I need to know if it is possible to send clock and to be able to synchronize a Roland TR606

    in this case

    Ableton live ——-> CVpal ——-> Tr606

    is possible ?


  • I don’t see why not. I mean, CV is CV, it shouldn’t matter where it comes from. As long as the TR606 talks the same clocking language as CVpal.

  • Afaik not, the CVpal only sends CV an gate signals but no clock pulses.
    Maybe this would be possible with a little firmware hack, but as i am not good at coding, you should better wait for someone else to acknowledge this…

  • Reading the manual, find this:

    Channel 12, 13, 14: Monophonic mode with clock/reset output

    In these modes, the CVpal behaves like a classic monophonic CV-Gate converter implementing most recent note priority, but also outputs triggers for synchronizing modular sequencers. A clock (with variable resolution) is sent to GATE 1; and a reset (corresponding to the MIDI ‘start’ message) is sent to GATE 2.

    OUT 1: Note CV OUT 2: Note Gate GATE 1: Clock trigger GATE 2: Reset trigger


  • The midipal DOES send out clock on channel 12 13 14 and 16 .. see the manual.
    However this is not the dinsync signal required for the TR-606. But it should possible to solder a conversion cable and get it to work.
    din sync requires 3 voltages.
    a clock pulse
    a reset pulse
    and a high voltage for starting playback.

    The clock and reset signals are already there and you could use a constant high midi note to generate the play voltage on the CV1 out.
    I may or may not work also depends a bit on the 606 how picky it is on it’s clock signal.

  • :D :D :D

    WOW Thanks very much @shifter

    It will weld the cables when it comes to home and I will see that such it works

  • Ah, ok.
    I always use the europanel with the short manual and nevertheless use the modified firmware by DMR for my xOx-heart…

  • Wait… there’s modified firmware that works for x0x-heart?

  • Yep, modified by DMR, which enables slides and accents.

  • here: https://github.com/DMRoberts/cvpal

  • So cool to find out there´s cv pal firmware for my x0x Heart!


  • Yep, you have DMR to thank for that. I tweaked it slightly so the CVPal shows with a different name in your DAW, so you can use one alongside a CVPal with the standard firmware.


  • Awesome – thanks for the info, I apologize for hijacking the thread. Time to download some new firmware for the CV Pal!

  • @cold_fashioned let me know how it goes, when you have it installed. I haven’t really got round to stress-testing it yet, I have to say.


  • Ack – I don’t have an ISP programmer, so I won’t be able to update the firmware at this moment. Sorry about that!

  • @toneburst – just found this thread – grabbed the x0xpal fork of the cv pal firmware and managed to upload it – the device now shows as x0xpal and everything works as before. On channel 8 I can see the tweaked threshold for velocity to accent is working. The only thing I can’t fathom is exactly what I need to be sending on MIDI channel 8 to get the second gate to work as a slide output.

    Is it CC 2? This is what I was assuming from the manual. But reading briefly though the code I can’t quite see where any CC value gets converted to a slide toggle state on channel 8.

    Any instructions would be most welcome. If the code isn’t yet complete, which is what the comments indicate, I’d be up for trying to complete it, but it sort of sounded like this was working already.

    Many thanks

  • @chailight You just have to send it legato (ie overlapping) notes. The slide output is triggered every time a new note is sent before the previous one is released.


  • Of course! I saw the slide logic in the NoteOff handler but the penny didn’t drop at the time. Have tested it out and it works perfectly. Makes all the difference to have slide and accent handled all in one bundle!

    I might need to think about how to handle triggering a slide on the last note of a looped sequence – might depend a bit on how my various sequencers work in terms of when the note off is sent – am working mostly from an M4L sequencer being driven by a monome – it might just work out of the box, otherwise I’m sure I can tweak it – a minor refinement in any case.

    Many thanks to you and DMR for this variation!

  • @chailight no problem. DMR did all the coding, really. I just changed the device name, so it can be used alongside a CVPal with standard firmware.


  • incidentally, have you checked out my Bassline Explorer WebMIDI bassline generator thing? It’s designed to work with an X0XPal and X0x Heart (though haven’t got around to trying it with them, yet).

    Unfortunately, since WebMIDI isn’t currently well-supported, you’ll need to install the Jazz plugin and run it in Safari or FireFox (I assume IE won’t work, because.. well, because it’s IE).

    I’m working on a version that should work in Chrome (which supports WebMIDI natively), as well as other browsers, with the Jazz plugin installed.


  • I’ll definitely check it out – the interface looks intriguing – looking forward to connecting that to the x0x pal and heart combo – will report back.

  • I’m glad you’re finding the x0xpal mode useful, I have just added a more descriptive README to the repo with the ‘x0xpal’ mode: https://github.com/DMRoberts/cvpal

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