• Hello everyone I’ve been wanting to learn to code for sometime. I was wondering what resources you all would recommend for someone just starting out interested in getting into dsp? I know a bit
    Of Java and html that’s really it. Should I just start learning c++ or is there more dsp specific things I should look at first? Edit :: I’m interested in learning to code for stm32 via a dev board. ::

  • This seems like it might be a useful thread for me. I’ve been playing with Reaper’s Jesusonic for a while but would love to learn a “real” language with a focus on DSP.

  • Yea I’m not sure where to start… Get a stm32 dev board and learn to compile someone else’s code on it. Start Lear one to code then worry about getting the dev board and compiling code. Eventually id also like to learn how to code simple pics as well like electric Druids vcdo pic. Maybe I should just start with an arduino but that seems like it might be a step back. @sirprimalform I hope some one points us on the right direction!

  • What you’re suggesting would be learning 4 things at once:

    • The C/C++ language.
    • The specifics of coding for an embedded platform (performance, peripheral initialization, etc).
    • Signal processing in itself (filters, transforms…).
    • Signal processing for audio.

    Are you sure this is compatible with your style of learning?

    What about focusing on 1 or 2 of these things at a time, for example:

    • C or C++ language on a desktop computer.
    • Writing signal processing code on a desktop platform (don’t bother with GUI and real time audio and plug-in architectures – just a command line program that reads a .wav file and spits a .wav file).
    • A general DSP course using a high-level language like python for programming.
    • Audio signal processing techniques using a high-level language like Faust?
    • Writing non-DSP code on an embedded platform (something like a sequencer).

    This could be a good book

  • Are you any good at maths? only it’s heavily maths based. So you really need to understand the syntax of equations and then be able to convert those into the language of choice (more often C and C++).

  • I was great at math but it’s been about 10 years since I’ve used any calculus so I’m a bit rusty. Algebra and trig are still no problem. I know some about signal processing for audio. I think starting with c/c++ will be the way for me to go.
    Thanks for the book recommendation, those are always greatly appreciated!

    • “A tour of C++” by Bjarne Stroustrup is good read if you quickly want to pick up (modern) C++ specific things.
    • http://jackschaedler.github.io/circles-sines-signals/ for the DSP stuff
  • A lot of good info in this thread – I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’ve been learning Octave while taking an online class in machine learning, and it’s definitely reminded me how much I used to enjoy programming / c++. I might pick up one of these books to get myself back up to speed in C++.

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