Basic utility modules
  • @DMR : of course – and some of them are quite good. But I am only interested in an MI version for the reasons outlined above.

  • Does an output module with build in stereo SD card audio recorder already exist? It’s what i need :-)

  • An MI version of something like this would be cool.

  • Out of curiosity; what would you say is the best small input module out there for plugging in an electric bass?

  • I actually think the music thing mikrophonie does a great job of amplifying line / instrument levels, as well as being a really cool module in general. I’ve used it with output from my ipad, as well as from my shruthi. I’m not sure if it’s in stock at Thonk, but I know they restock frequently enough that you don’t lose your mind.

  • some ideas :

    • VC lag-processor (MakeNoise Function-style). the most usefull
    • Sample & Hold. : usefull , it’s a freeze module

    you can combine both, ok it will be Function clone module, but you can add 2 modes : fixed period (like in tides) / variable period (rise/fall like in Functions)

    • Logic ops.
    • Plain VCA.

    gate combiner maybe ? I often use VCA to make AND functions, and mixers to make OR function, why not a AND/OR-VCA/Mixer module ?

    1-pole LP/LP+VCA/VCA (continuously variable) : sounds not very usefull to me, will let the filter into the lag processor and the vca into the logic module

    Noise source : useless, it is very easy to make noise with other modules, just put them under heavy modulation :)

  • Why not a CV looper / recordable LFO / recordable envelope?

  • @TheSlowGrowth +1 for that! With trigger input to toggle recording, and clock input so recorded CV curve could be synched to changing tempo.


  • VC-able random-s&h-lag-something please :-)

  • t2K check out the Sewastapol by xaoc

  • @risome No pitch-to-CV on that one.

    EDIT: Oops sorry; I did not ask about that here. :/

  • Is it a correct assumption that the “Outs” module is abandoned since it has been outed in the “lost level thread” on MW? (Please, let me be wrong, I really like it!)

  • > Is it a correct assumption that the “Outs” module is abandoned


  • I’m incredibly happy about my Kinks (hah). I was lucky enough to be on the Beta list, and it’s a stable in all my patches. Having it next to my Links and the Batumi makes it a modulation wonderland, and I’m looking forward to expand that row with the plumbing to come.

  • I have more stuff ready to test.

    Same concept as before: if you’re in the EU and want to test a new thing, make a donation to a good cause of your choice, and send me your address with either “CV” or “Audio”. I have about 5 units of each.

  • Hi Olivier. Im up for a bit of testing :) So I just sent an email to your Gmail address (I’ve not emailed you at that address in years so I hope its still active)

  • hello,
    i would be interested in testing too!
    Italy located.

  • Oooooooooooooo….lucky Euros!

  • Not a april fools joke? I would love to do some beta testing!

  • Lucky EU people!

  • I don’t have any unit left.

  • Shoots.

  • If you:

    • own Rings or Elements
    • live in the EU
    • want to beta-test something and can keep your mouth shut about it

    Send me a private message with your address and phone number.

    Test units left: 4.

  • Test units left: 0.

  • Whoa….

  • Been lucky enough to be playing with the last thing and it’s a total beast, looking forward to seeing what else is in the pipeline (my bank balance on the other hand dreads seeing what other new awesome MI things I need to buy soon).

    Smells like some sort of impulse generator if Rings or Elements is required. Exciting!

  • What can it be that both Rings and Elemnts are missing?
    Or is it just another red herring?

  • Interesting. I’ve been wondering when we’d see the next release. Perhaps this one is coming soon (-ish)?

  • Too late, æv.
    But yeah, I’m also thinking some kind of impulse, click and and noise generator. Maybe a sophisticated noise module, although that would compete with the malaclypse, soon to be.

  • Looks like Veils just got leaked:

    Are the outputs cascaded or mixed at the final channel?

  • Unveiled, it would seem, rather than leaked. Mutable Instruments is listed as an exhibitor at Mioogfest 2016, which is on now in North Carolina, so presumably that is a photo of the Mutable rack on the trade floor.

    Outputs are almost certainly cascaded, if the panel graphics are consistent with the convention established by Shades (which they almost certainly are). But patching an output breaks the cascade – at least, that’s the Shades behaviour. So it can be a quad VCA or a VC mixer or a mixture of independent VCAs and a mixer. Almost certainly DC-coupled.

    Very handy!

  • This thing is not going to be released, but it was a good fit for the demo system I sent there.

  • Why? It looks very useful to me

  • Let the man run his own business! :)

  • Opps, didn’t want to be rude here. Just curious.

  • Some testers have suggested areas for improvement

  • I haven’t received a lot of feedback… Please send me private messages…

  • An 8 input mixer would be great, with panning, stereo or mono send/return, and stereo outs. A bit more than a “basic” utility, I know, but this would make sense with all the stereo MI modules.

  • Also, some sort of “super” quantizer module which would include all the scales you recently added to Braids 1.8, a tuner, and a quick calibration mode that would send the 1 and 3V required to calibrate the oscillators.

  • I think the last one is more in the “Advanced Utility Module” section :P

  • > Also, some sort of “super” quantizer module which would include all the scales you recently added to Braids 1.8, a tuner, and a quick calibration mode that would send the 1 and 3V required to calibrate the oscillators.

    The Bicyclist has already done that, it seems. Check it out:

  • Actually, if I had released a quad quantizer in 2015, it wouldn’t have looked very different from the O+C…

    If I released a quad quantizer in 2016 or 2017, It’d probably be more “Rings-like” (a few buttons and LEDs but no screen/menu, various modes activated as a function of what’s patched in or not – say with no CV in it’s a melody generator, with only one channel plugged in it’s an ASR pissing on the adjacent channels…).

  • >The Bicyclist has already done that, it seems. Check it out:

    @ ubiubiu: Sadly, for a non-DIY person like me, this is unobtainium… But I have been aware for some time, and am currently also enjoying DMC on 4 Peaks.

    @ Pichenettes: I have been enjoying my Rings as such too! BTW, I have just noticed a box on your FB page… It’s very odd that my last dream before waking up this morning was of an MI Quantizing module. Could it be???

  • @bakemono I think pichenettes’ use of the phrase ‘if I released..’ suggests not ;)


  • bakemono> Sadly, for a non-DIY person like me, this [Ornament & Crime] is unobtainium…

    I know of at least one person whom I can recommend who might be willing to build one for you at a reasonable cost, and there may be more (a key requirement being possession of a calibrated high-res multimeter to calibrate it, as well as sound soldering skills) – he might chime in here, if not, PM me and I’ll give you his contact. And I know of at least one more person who is preparing to make them for sale in small batches – with modest voluntary royalties going to the module designers to support R&D on future modules.

  • Thank you! I’ll be in touch, and thanks for all your hard work on all the alternate firmware!

  • > If I released a quad quantizer in 2016 or 2017, It’d probably be more “Rings-like” (a few buttons and LEDs but no screen/menu [...] )

    Interesting, how come? Scales are something very cerebral, no? They have a name, a discrete amount of notes, and so on, so a screen makes a whole lot of sense. Even more so, a proper screen, displaying “F” or “4” is helpful only to some extent (to wit: Quantimator).

  • I’d say a module without screen is pronouncing what kind of effect turning a knob will have. It’s less about giving you the choice for a specific precise setting which is very much a geeky thing. Instead it offers you control over abstract properties like timbre, harmony or movement without ever telling you how those effects are achieved. E.g. on Clouds, there’s no knob for fading in the diffuser. Instead the diffuser is mapped to a region of the texture control because it belongs to the texture in an abstracted way.

    This can also be achieved for a quantizer, e.g. by selecting the scales with a knob and ordering them by a specific property such as “how melodic do they sound to western ears” with microtonal scales and other “weird” stuff on one side and major/minor scales on the other side. A plus is that this allows for more intuitive voltage control.

  • Fair enough. To my ears, “geeky” sounds a tad too pejorative, I’d call it deliberate use, but then I guess that boils down to a matter of taste. In my view, any such “intuitive” quantising thing would risk verging on presets, which may be fun for a day or two but it can get boring quickly.

    Anyways, I wasn’t going to argue the pros and cons of screens…

  • For some things, explicit is better than implicit.

  • anyone got any new info on that rings/elements test module mentioned by Olivier a few months ago. Will it go into production, will it be out soon?

  • Any guesses what it will be except some kind of exciter?
    Maybe some stereo utility-mixer-thing?

  • @barksten bit too much overlap with Veils there, I think.


  • 4HP chaos utility rhyming with -inks?

  • The name might be.. surprising.


  • I was also thinking exciter. Although if it’s both for Elements and Rings, then it would need to bring something new to the table, that the Elements exciter section doesn’t already have.

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