• tdel1295
    Hello, I was wondering if you have any Shruthi-1 acrylic cases that you could part with? Specifically a yellow magic or clear acrylic case? Thanks! artilect99 at gmail dot com
    March 2017
  • Dizrythmia
    Hi Frank. Do you still make the case for the midialf, if so how can I order one. Many thanks. Kevin. kdudley@aol.com
    August 2016
  • tommyyork
    Hi, are you planning on doing any more group orders of your 18 plug eurorack bus board?
    April 2016
  • Dijin72
    Hi Frank, I have a protocol question I'd be really grateful for your advice on. I have a WMD PDO MkI and TBVCA Id like to trade for braids, I've seen the three stipulations, I meet one in that I currently own streams and have just bought yarns (it's on the way). Please would you advise if it would be improper to post a ForTrade Ad concerning the WMD? Thanks for any help.
    August 2015
  • ogait
    Hi Frank, do you still have Ambika cases to sell ? I have a complete kit here to build with the green lcd and green leds, was thinking of getting a grey or black case for it instead of using the metal white. Thanks
    January 2015
    • cericle
      I would also buy an Ambika enclosure; a clear transparent one. Are you still creating & selling these? I surely hope so!
      January 2015
  • Larrysheffey
    Hi frank-I dropped my shruthi v.1(in plastic clear casing) last night and cracked the honeycombong on the left side. After some examing the whole side was cracked and fell off leaving me without an entire left side. Does anyone know where i can find a spare part for this or if i can pay to have it placed in a more secure casing? Thanks! Feel free to email Me at larrysheffey@gmail.com Larry
    January 2015
  • ghaworth
    Hi Frank, Are you still selling the Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs? Thanks, George :-)
    November 2014
  • koerby
    Hi Frank, hast Du noch ein paar Eurorack Power-Rails. Ich bräuchte noch min. 2 Stück. Gruß Marcus
    October 2014
  • gphg
    Hi Frank, Maybe you can help me out: I'm looking for a backplate/connectorplate for a shruthi xt case, the plate with all the holes for the connectors. I live in the Netherlands. Thank you Geert
    October 2014
    • gphg
      Hi Frank, How much would a XT connectorplate + shipping to NL be? (once you have your new machine) Greetings Geert
      October 2014
  • Paulus
    Hey, are you getting my MPs?
    August 2014
  • fcd72
    fcd72 changed her profile picture.
    November 2013
  • oootini
    frank me want maths!
    October 2013
  • barney64
    Hi Frank, can you tell me how to order one of your front panels please (presuning you are still making them of course) do you accept paypal? prices p+p etc Cheers Ray
    July 2013
  • Denis
    Hi Frank, I,m Denis, a newbee who successfully built two Shruthi and a first Anushri. It,s great to do elctronics and soon ( in 2014 in fact) I will want to go eurorack with the new modules of Olivier. But for now I want you to tell me something: I want to build a second Anushri, my first have the classic yellow transluscent case and I love it, but for my second, I want another color and I,m not certain but it the past it was you who had some cases to sell isn't it? Maybe I am wrong? (excuse my bad English) So can you tell me about it? thanks in advance... Denis
    July 2013
  • toneburst
    Hi Frank, It doesn't look like that metal Ambika case is going to happen any time soon, so maybe it's time I stopped waiting for altitude to get his act together, and we worked out that deal with the Waldorf 4-Pole and the Neuropa Grey enclosure- assuming your still interested in the filter, or course. a|x
    April 2013
  • Fitvideo
    Hi there, have you a link to your wordpress site? cheers Paul
    April 2013
  • bendy_john
    hi Frank just posted a question for you in the programmer help thread, looking great but think I've screwed up some connection or other, be very grateful if you could take a look - thanks! jk
    February 2013
  • fcd72
    fcd72 changed her profile picture.
    January 2013
  • jimi23
    Hi I'm interested in buying some mutable rack mount gear! A shruthi, anushri and perhaps a midipal. Just a few questions: Does the shruthi panel come in white only? I'm ordering a anushri when the December kits are available.. Can the shipping be combined? I'm in melbourne, Australia. I understand Oliver runs the kits but I'm sure I've read you were handling some of them. Finally, what price are you able to get a sub rack for? I can buy them here but seem expensive given electronic gear is kinda scarce here. My email is abfan.jimi@gmail.com if you wish to work prices/payment etc out privately. James
    December 2012
  • dtforgette
    Hi Frank I was wondering if there is any advantage of having hex side panels vs the slotted ones other than pure aesthetics. It looks like the hex version has slightly more area for airflow. Also, is it any cheaper To ship if one purchases three cases (polivoks, yellow magic, and mission 4p). I'm looking to stock up for the winter :D
    November 2012
  • BlueCase
    I would Like to order translucent Blue. Cannot follow your email address.
    September 2012
  • gandhalf3
    hello, your blue shruti XT is still available ? Regards.
    September 2012
  • DrKorg
    Hi Frank! Do you have any PCB's for the programmer for sale? Without components and enclosure? /Martin
    August 2012
  • shimoda
    For your case orders, are you UK/Europe or US? I am in US and was wondering what post would be for US shipping to area code Columbus, GA 31901?
    August 2012
  • iorobyy
    hi, "how order..." informations also for me please, if possible.. would to buy a full kit (pcb , components , frontal etc.) ....thank you in advance! -- Rob ...synthDIY forever!
    July 2012
  • PolarFox
    Hi, How to order your case ? Which colors are available and which one are not so transparental ? :)
    June 2012
  • Martin
    Hello Frank, are dark blue translucent enclosures for the shruti 1 (slot sidepanel version) actually available and - if - how much are they (with your account number) ? Thanks very much in advance Martin
    June 2012
    • Radio Shaolin
      Radio Shaolin
      Yeah I interesting in Dark Blue Enclosure too )) Is it actual?
      June 2012
  • rdfreeslotspb
    slots online [url=http://www.77freeslots.com][/url] freeslots
    June 2012

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