Listening to circuit points

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TODO: Photo / diagrams

Do not use headphones for this:

  • Some signals, especially high voltage DC signals might damage them.
  • It is not uncommon in synth circuits to have signal level several times larger than what outputs an audio player when set to the maximum volume - potentially causing hearing loss.
  • Headphones are excessively loading the circuit and might make it behave very strangely.


  • Mixers
  • Audio interfaces, especially those with a "high-Z" input switch. The higher the input impedance, the less likely the measurement process will disturb the circuit under test.


  • turn the Volume/Gain on your listening Device (Mixer Audio Interface) to 0
  • connect the Ring (the upper part) of an suitable 3,5mm or 6.3mm Audio Jack to GND somewhere on your Filter Board
  • connect the Tip (its called Tip, not Nipple!) to the spot where you want to listen
  • now you can increase the Volume until you hear (or not) some Signal